Leave My Lollipop Alone!

I’m writing really fast here – can you tell? –  ‘cos my internet connection is faulty and Virgin Media has told me that it will be intermittent for the next few days which is completely doing my head in.

I have come to depend on it and I don’t like having it removed, even intermittently.

I feel like a toddler with a lollipop that someone keeps trying to take from me. I would like to have a tantrum but it’s not my style.

Feckety, feckety, feckety, feck!

That feels better.

Meanwhile, an interlude.

 Do you know that it is extremely difficult to paint with a mouse? No, not because their tail gets in the way. I mean the little doo-dah mouse attached to my laptop because I hate using the finger thingy.

Attempts to use the paint application, in an effort to embellish my minor rant with a little art work in the absence of being able to download any clipart because my feckin internet is down, resulted in the following.




Now, I am no art connoisseur but, for all I know, this may be worthy of the Tate.

My children, however, have chosen to give me the benefit of their many years of artistic experience.

‘A hacket wean’, was one.

‘A demented old woman’, was another suggestion. The youngest wanted to know why someone wanted to hit the child with a big, red hammer. On pointing out that it was, in fact, a lollipop she queried its size in relation to the head. Not one of them found the level of mouse control a feat of note. And two of them said she had hair like a fifty year old. I do not have hair like that, let me point out. And neither am I fifty.

I had no idea my children could be so critical about art nor so anal with regard to artistic licence. I don’t ever recollect telling them that their artwork was crap when they brought home unending reams of paper from nursery or school for fridge display.

I may just print this off in larger size and stick a magnet on it.

The image was in no way improved by the cropping process. Prior to that it was gorgeous.

28 thoughts on “Leave My Lollipop Alone!”

  1. LOL I don’t think they meant to be insulting about your art. It is an awfully big lollipop and, as your child implied, the same size as the head. All in all though, I think your artwork is pretty good…much better than I could do, that’s for sure. 😀


  2. Ok, I am going to bark on one thing you said: What is wrong with being 50? See if a person looks hard enough they can usually find something touchy about.


      1. What is the hairstyle of 52? I just recently read a blog discussing how ‘fat’ women should not have short hair. Then I have been told, by my Mum even, that since I am ‘fat’ and going to be 50, I shouldn’t have long hair. I am confused. Where is the guide on all this, and who made it up? These are the things I need to know.


      2. Now I need to know as well. 🙂 We used to joke with my mum that a particular hairdresser she frequented knew how to do two hairstyles – a pan loaf and a plain loaf. Depending on your age or preference, you came out with one or other.
        I’ve had short, long and in between. My hair is currently a fair bit longer than shoulder length – dyed to keep encroaching stray greys at bay! I’ve got a slightly off centre partial fringe and the cut is meant to be a bit choppy.
        I wear it up, down, ponytailed, half-way up, etc. I find longer gives some flexibility of style and I like it. So, whatever goes. 🙂 x


      3. Yes, I wear ponytails, the old banana combs, up in a bun, tied around itself to keep it out of the water or off my shoulders in an instance, and down. Check this: There is an older man here, probably 60+, he is on his porch every morning I take my pup out. In the morning, much of the time, I just wake up and take my hair out of a bun I have had it in all night. So, I look all rumbly in my P.J.s but my hair is long, down to my back, red (died because someone made a mistake in my DNA makeup kit), and nice and wavy. He notices! It is so funny because I don’t even really talk to him at all. But it makes me feel good my hair looks cool.


      4. You sound like me! I ‘enjoy’ my hair. Long, thick and flouncy. I think I might really only be 22!! That DNA has lots to answer for. Hey, by the way, my husband IS that older man. Coming up on 61. And still looking hot! So it works both ways. (Oops, did I just imply that I think myself hot? Well, he thinks so anyway!) 🙂 x


      5. Not right now. I need to get all my medical stuff done, and get to feeling more independent, not living in my Mom’s house, before I am interested in dating again.


  3. The lollipop can be on a closer plan than the girl so the size could be excused because of perspective rules. But, disregarding everything, I really think it’s cute! And I’m an art/architecture student so that should count for something 😀 hihi
    PS.If you would like a specific drawing or something let me know,I’d love to help 😀


    1. God bless everybody here making excuses for my wee monster. 🙂 She most definitely will not be entering into beauty contests! 🙂
      I must try using the perspective rule at some future point. That might get me off the hook. Does that work for any awful writing as well or is it just the drawings? Could be useful to know. 🙂 x


      1. Lool.I think it’s an available excuse for any domain.It depends how you make it work 😀 If words come easily you can convince everybody of anything!
        PS.Even policemen from giving you a ticket, trust me on that! 😀


      1. now this one is ‘fake’ but there are several images of real ones if you do a ‘google image’ search for giant lollipops.
        You can throw your kids for a loop with these lolli’s
        Giant lollipops


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