A Fairground Life

The carousel goes gaily round,

We scream and laugh; ecstatic sound.

The rollercoaster scares my wits,

Flying high, then to the pits

Of flailing arms and screeching glee.

I grab you, while you hold me.

Giddy with excitement.                     


The tunnel of love and anticipation,

Or ghost train filled with desperation.

Hobby horses that go nowhere,

Rotating, flying bucket chair.

A fairground, stimulating rides,

Simulates undulating lives.

Fluctuating satisfaction.



4 thoughts on “A Fairground Life”

  1. The roller coaster scares me witless too. Just give me a churro or a bag of mini donuts and I’ll be happy watching from below. Love your descriptions of all the different rides! 🙂


    1. I used to love all the rides. Now anything that makes me dizzy makes me feel physically sick. The only one I can still enjoy is the ferris wheel, up high and a lovely slow to middling motion. The waltzers? Ugh, sick thinking about them. 🙂 x


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