Love’s Search

Inured to hurt, he sometimes came,

His breath upon my window,

He mouthed quietly my own name,

While I dreamed upon my pillow.


In reverie, I heard his call,

Though silently he spoke,

He seemed to cry unto my soul,

My senses to invoke.


His eyes peered into my dreaming mind,

I saw his gaze within,

He penetrated hard to find

And overlooked my sin.


Recognition haunted me,

In daylight hours I looked,

Mental image, flaunted he,

No excuses from me, he brooked.


I ran away from such a stare,

Afraid of my reflection

Within his eyes, I saw it there,

My fears had no direction


Apart from trust, I had to give,

What else could I bestow?

A heart that teaches how to love

And all my hurts does know.


I stopped from running far from him,

I paused and chanced to turn,

He reached his arms around my rim

And laughed as I did squirm.


My senses were awakened now,

My physical knew what fire

Arose in mindful, sensual bow

And sharpened my desire.


His lips had moved so oft before

But words had floated by.

Now his voice within my core

Urged, to trust and try.


And so, I opened up the glass

Within the window frame,

I gestured, over threshold pass,

I asked what was his name.


‘My name,’ he said, ‘is only you,

My alter, selfless me.

I’ve sought and looked for love that’s true.’

He found me and I found he.

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