Love’s Young Heart

Love’s young heart is broken,

The physical, a token

Of passion, panting in the night,

Heat of bodies, hid’n from sight.


Love’s young heart is hurting,

And questions, ‘What is trust?’

‘I love you,’ words were spoken.

Now ashes burnt, so dust.


Love’s young heart knows treason

And fears another mate.

The ‘what ifs’ penetrate the mind.

The heart decides to wait.


Love’s young heart knows hope.

It’s buoyant, bounces back.

It learns to love again, once more,

Unlike aged hack


Who tires of Cupid’s failures

And cries a flood of tears,

Cherishes their solitude

And misspent, lonely years.


Love’s young heart is gracious.

It bows its head in shame.

It learns that, sometimes, it is wrong

And tries another’s name.


Love’s young heart knows beauty

But beauty, born of face.

Love’s older heart seeks beauty too –

Serenity and grace.

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