Weekly Writing Challenge: Carousel Stands Still




They kill the child

As sure as knife,

Draining dreams

And hope from life –

More surely than

Such gargoyle faces

Gushed forth rain,

Like effluence,

That pours from

Those inside.

No place to hide.


Screaming, hurting,

Suff’ring pain,

A mother’s crying

Once again

From love’s fierce blows

That he inflicts,

While child escapes


And licks

The wounds.

Parents scar her heart.


The chainlink fence

Is quite unneeded

She’s trapped within

Herself, unheeded

By those who sear

With brand.

Black and blues,

That teach her how,

Or not,

To choose

A partner for life.


Anointed with

Example of

Such unrequited

Jealous love,

She stares at feet,

A four-year old

Diminished –

And all true fun

From ugly life

For her

Is finished.

And carousel stands still.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Carousel Stands Still”

  1. Good Lord. That was sad. I can’t believe it’s a reality for some poor babies. How can a person hurt a child? I’ll never understand.


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