The Polis

Quite distressing,

Watching news,

So many different

Points of views,

Seeking all to


Never missing

Any trick

To overthrow

Or undermine



Lying or being

Colourful with truth,

Quite a message

For our youth.

Give us your vote

On ballot paper,

Won’t screw you now,

We’ll wait till later.

Once confidence

And seats

Are ours.

Now we’re in

A Celebration!

We’ll fix this lot

The whole damn nation.

We’ve got a plan

Just wait and see

We like to call it


It’s changed a bit

From just before



The trouble is

Now that we’re in,

We have to deal;

We call it spin.

Shaving truth

From here and there.

We’re cuddly still,

A hairless bear,

With claws

And teeth

That bite.

But, worry not,

We won’t bite you,

You’re one of us.

Well ain’t that true?

I voted, yes,

I put my mark,

My little cross,

My vital spark


Trusting in


I feel though, that

I’m standing by

While you get rich

And pass us by,

Pissing up against

Our legs,

Doling out to us

The dregs.

While bankers


And walked.


Strange, misplaced,

This trust you urged.

Some view the process

As absurd,

When what is said

And what appears

Mismatch. The policy


There’s egg

On all

Our faces.


Still, better than


Or feudal lords

Who, fortune stripped

From workers

Ploughing in the field

Theirs the effort

Yours, the yield.

Oh, wait, that

Seems quite



A paper mark

Means nothing more

If once you’re in

You shut the door

On faces who

Extolled your worth.

Who’s laughing now?

Oh, you. Such mirth.

You’ve conned

Us all




I’m so naïve.

I listen and

Sometimes, believe

The shit you say,

You pose and preach.

We are all

Just out of reach

Of mattering

To you.

And other you.


Not much to choose from

I see that clear,

With clarity

Not dowsed in beer

That’s taxed

To death

Like everything

That’s left.

Which is

Not much

At all.


So, what’s my choice?

Should I abstain?

Refuse to take part

Once again?

Or trust that one day,

Maybe soon,

An upright man

Will fly from moon

And work

To serve

The job and people.


Excuse me if I don’t

Hold my breath,

Not ready yet

For certain death.

Is this what Aristotle


When speaking

Of a government?

I don’t

Think so.



25 thoughts on “The Polis”

  1. Brilliantly written. You poor souls. Australia has just gone through ‘Democracy’ and we now begin it’s run of the latest mind blowing ideas that have nothing to do with being there for the people. Well put scottishmommus.


    1. Thank you, Mark.
      We’re not currently going through the farce at the moment although there’s usually some by-election or local election or other going on. Paper filing through letter boxes making promises that will never be kept.
      They’ve obviously all lost the plot when it comes to job description and any sense of fidelity to purpose. We’d all lose our jobs for a damn sight less than they get away with. No golden handshakes either. They really do make me sick.They do, I can’t help it. I want to smash most of them. Keep looking for a good one though. Ever hopeful!!??!! :)x


      1. Maybe you’ve found one. Ever thought of running? And I don’t mean ‘away’ 🙂 Bring that strong Scottish trait within…and ‘smash’ the system. Mind you there IS one way of reducing the ‘chicanery’. Let us vote for most things online (especially where there is any serious money involved). Remove the under the table deals and put ‘real democracy’ back in the hands of the people where it belongs. Watch them all disappear because there is no more money in it for them. The positions of government would then attract ‘real’ people and not the thieves of today.
        Sorry, I nearly lost it as bad as you, look what they are doing to us 🙂


      2. The Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, once said that anyone who wanted to be a politician should be automatically banned from doing so simply on the basis that they wanted to.
        In the absence of being able to do the job properly and there being too much corporate/financial influence it does seem that some alternative methodology in practice would be an advantage.
        It all just seems so far removed from what it should be. Crazy laws legislating for everything under the sun while, at the same time, only half-enforcing those that matter and ignoring the rest.
        I think there has been, if I remember correctly, mention made at some time of a more motivating influence via social networks and the internet in general. Part of the idea, I think, was the fact that many young people are disillusioned by their vision of politics ( join the club) and that their voices as well as those of other interested people might have more open dialogue and thereby take a more active part.
        ‘They’ would probably find some way to screw that up too, right enough.

        There are a number of local counsellors I admire for their efforts and willingness to go the distance. It just seems to me that, once a certain rung on the ladder is reached, the rungs at the bottom are removed so that the climbers can climb for self-seeking ends. and everyone else gets dumped on from a great height.

        Gawd, note to self, shut up. 🙂

        Can’t help it. Poor Maggie’s gone to that great political party in the sky and, God help me, I hated her. I actually had to ask for forgiveness for the strength of feeling she evoked in me.

        No wonder I switch off from it sometimes.

        I did used to be a fully paid up member of one but they got on my nerves too. 🙂 x


  2. He could be right there! 🙂 The political beast within has been stirred from slumber and needs to be calmed (mind you, with those idiots rambling in our ears every day it’s hard to not be aggravated). 🙂


      1. I’ve just found my way…just been invited for coffee on the beach…if that can’t calm the beast and allow a calming breath or two, nothing will. I’ll take a photo of what I have to put up with 🙂 It will be there when you awake in the morning. You are going to be good and sleep sometime tonight, aren’t you 🙂


      2. That sounds lovely. An ocean shot?

        I’ll sleep…then I’ll wake, write and go back again. Can practically set my clock by it now.

        I’m just about to post a nice romantic, angst filled poem. Missed the boat the other day for the daily prompt on angst and longing but, just going for it anyway. 🙂
        Beats politics any day of the week. 🙂

        Have a lovely walk, Mark. And coffee, mmm. x


  3. Thank you, and an ocean shot it will be. Have to get some time to put that gallery together properly for all these shots 🙂 Looking forward to your romantic angst tomorrow then. Namaste


    1. So you’ve decided to go with the gallery. That’s great. All the beautiful sights. You could do videos too and than we could all hear the waves as well as seeing them. Ooh, that’s a good idea. Kinaesthetic, see?

      Anyway, post is up and I’m off to sleep. Namaste. :)x


      1. Ooops, got sidetracked. Give me 20min, I’ll just drop them in and unhide it. It’s still messy in there you’ll find them down the bottom. Also whales too far out to even remotely get a good shot. I’ll keep my eye out as the week goes on 🙂


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