Too Shy


Hiding inside

Is a girl too shy

To venture


Where others dare,

To feel and see

And do.

A world of thought


All meaning.

Internal vision


The call

To arms.

Battle ensues

For freedom.

22 thoughts on “Too Shy”

      1. When I say I am 50, my play age is 10, life is slightly easier. I struggle with a lot of things and I dont think 2 years is going to make much difference. 🙂 x back at ya


      2. 10?! Have you found the fountain of youth and are keeping it quiet? That’s called a monopoly. I’m pretty sure it’s not legal. Swap you my Philospher’s Stone for a dip in your fountain. 🙂 Just askin’. x


      3. No fountain of youth, just thinking, doing and becoming. When was the last time you stepped bare footed onto dew covered grass, or curled your toes on sand then pivked up a hand full through your fingers, look within a flower and watched a bee clollect pollen, put a fart cushion under someone just as they sit down, chucked a full water bomb over a high fence into the street then blammed kids who have run away when you get caught out.
        Taken your camera and looked for silly things to photograph as an adult we are being to busy to look at the word behind us and miss so much fun. 🙂 I know someone online who has a very stressful job, when she has had a particular bad day, she comes home from work, she lives alone, makes her evening meal, clears up, has a bath, gets in her pj’s and pulls out from her cupboard her box of toys and she plays with them for a few hours, lego building and tearing down removes her stress, sitting brusing the hair on her large doll, relaxes her. We all need to regress occasionally. 🙂 x


  1. I was a very shy youngster. Now I’ve grown up to be an aloof-appearing adult…until you get to know me. And then it’s all purrs and paws and kitty claws (retracted, mostly). This poem touches the shy part of me that still wants to lurk in the shadows.


    1. About 6 years ago I was working at a secondary school in what was known as ‘the bad boys department’ but it wasn’t just bad boys, One day another staff member and I were chatting and regression therapy came up and I told her that I had been working on a theory that we had 20 kids in the department and looking at 90% of their home life it was almost loveless and if a unit was set up so these kids can become children again, playing games, bare feet on dew sort of activities, using kindness and love rather then the classroom and punishment, so what if these kids don’t learn their ABC’s for 3 months isn’t it better to have a well adjusted teenager then a well educated one.
      These teens are yearning for attention, they know they can get attention they crave by getting up to everything they can get up to which they know the are not suppose to. Why not put these children, because they are not teens, not young adults, they are children, they have not been able to grow emotionally so why not have centres where they can get back to nursery level of attention, give these children simple tasks, painting, photography, model making and give praise, give love, give the emotional attention that these children seek once the switch has been switched because that all it is, its a switch to learning good behaviour leads to reward and love.
      We are in a decade where we are not allowed to say ‘I love that child’ its seen as disturbing to hug a child in the classroom or the playground when they have done something or have come for a hug and you have to push them away because its not allowed and some children do not get hugged, they do not understand what a hug means, what it feels like, just to feel the comfort and security that two arms mean.

      15 year old girls getting pregnant, they are not doing it out of spite for the world, they want to love someone, something, they wish to give love, they missed love as a child, they may have come from separated or abusive family. If this country is going to get on top of this problem, then we have to stop looking on these children as unwanted scraps and more of loveless children.

      I have spoken to quite a few people in the ‘business’ of working with children and most agree that some children are growing up without the attention and love of their parents. In most cases its not the parents fault, but they are both forced to work, they are forced to get strangers to look after them both morning and night, the more this countries government forces both parents to work low paid jobs and long hours to meet stupid taxes, the less they are going to see their children and the wheel goes around.

      Sorry I kind of went off on a tangent but its something I feel passionate about. Well adjusted and loved children are the future of this country and what I have seen so far we better be afraid.

      As a footnote – I am not putting the blame on any family or single parent, I know many single parents and they do a fantastic job. If anyone has read this and feels pangs of guilt or feels that this is getting at you. Then Stop, Think and give your child or children a hug and tell them you love them,


      1. Fantastic. Hugs do it for me. My own children are big huggers as are hubby and I. Kids in my classes spontaneously hug me and I hug in return. To reject such affection would be sinful. If anyone wants a hug two arms are widely available. Some people, however, are not comfortable with giving or receiving them.
        There is so much I want to comment on in your response, not least of which is that real recognition must be given to the importance of family, in whatever form that may take. Finance is only one aspect of this, although a big one. Government seeks to push everyone into work whether meaningful or not and offers childcare incentives to support their aims. They do not, however, support parents who would prefer to stay at home or give financial assistance to family carers eg, grandparents or aunts who would keep care of the child in family and love as only family can.
        There is much to be done in addressing some parents’ inability to nurture appropriately. Some, genuinely, seem not to know what a child needs in terms of loving growth and understanding. it is not necessarily just known and if their own experience has been negative the pattern is too often repeated.
        So much to say and to say it better. My immediate instinctual response is as stated but is definitely only partial.x


      2. when my first grandchild was born I was her main carer when her mother chose to return to work and I loved every second of it, she was a Granda girl, then the second one came along and by this time working became more difficult for me, so guess what I did, the eldest one was at nursery and their mum didnt work so many hours, but they both came to Granda first. I am trained in child development, psychology, Play, and a few other things concerned in child care so I knew what was required and knew how to stimulate, etc but you can give that child development stuff all you like but without two arms to hug its not worth crap. I tell people that if a child emotions dont get stimulate it stunts their growth, showing a child love and care stimulates the brain to release all manner of developmental hormones needed for healthy growth both physically and emotional.
        An example I use is potty training and how potty training is getting more difficult and more children are at the age for school not properly potty trained, its becoming a big problem. Take a disposible nappy, its designed to keep wetness off the childs skin, it puts up a barrier, the child does not know the diffrence between wet and dry, now put a child in a cloth nappy, the child will soon become uncomfortable when its wet and will come and get changed, then realise instead of feeling wet, stimutated into learning they can use a potty, thats child development, a tried and trusted method of developing ability to stay dry. Deny these and you will have problems later on.
        Stimulate your child mentally, emotionally and physically in a healthy, loving environment and you will not have the heartache later in life……This is just a guide there is nothing set in stone, a person has to do what is best for the situation but love and hugs are free.:-)


      3. You are amazing in your wisdom and knowledge well learned and observed.
        I maintain that true wisdom marries old lessons and new and seeks, step by step, to support and continue learning.
        What a Granda you must have been to understand so well. God bless wisdom and love. And hugs.x


      4. Thank you very much, you made me blush.The story doesnt have a happy one, 3 years in November my son decided life would be better for them 500 miles away as you vould understand we were devistated, its a very long journey and with my health its a difficult journey. we just had the girls for a week and we took them on holiday, hope to see them again in October. We bought Megan a smart phone for her 7th birthday she texts and calls and we pick up the tab, if they were here we would like all grandparents be buying them. Even after 3 years I miss them being around the house and trips all over in the holidays but you have to let go, the younger ones have to explore, its their lives, but why so far away :-/


      5. Oh no. My kids still miss their Nana. As I do my mum. They never knew another grandparent and she was so close in our lives that I can hardly believe that she is no longer here to share her love and her wisdom. I am vexed at your loss. It is theirs too. They may never know soon enough which is the greatest of regrets.
        What about Skype? ( which I know next to nothing about). What about diaries and photos and family trees and all those things, that upon reflection, we wish we had a record of? What about treasure boxes of memories stored for children’s delight? What about your loss? I am so sorry they have gone so far.
        Bugger that!
        Go and live in Cornwall or wherever they have gone. Follow them, haunt them. They will be glad. I still, three and half years later, wish I had my mum, their Nana, here.
        Feck it all. It’s not fair.. On anyone.
        Huge big hugs to someone who likes them and lots of kisses and cuddles from the grandweans because they would if they could. So I will for them.x


      6. We do Skype but the girls get that huper then end up in trouble especially Hayley the youngest 4, she is just like her father, into everything she is not suppose to, catches spiders in the garden and chases Megan with it, speak to her on the phone and will proufly tell you she has been naughty and what she has to go without lol. Megan is fairies and pink, she is serene and gentle and alwsys likes to hug you and always tells you she loves you, so does Hayley but in between painting her bedroom radiator green with poster paints she was banned from having and climbed chairs and worktops to get them, Hayley loves the word butt and I love them both forever 🙂


      7. If I win a helicopter I will take you and your love to where it must be sorely missed. Where understanding of each child is underestimated. Where hugs matter most. And where grandparents get to be what they are born to be. And where grandchildren run to love those they recognise as lovers of their tiny beings. Where forgiveness of childish humour is a given because grandparents have the wonderful privilege of forgiving and laughing at what parents must scold.
        I so wish. x


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