Endless Night

‘Sleep,’ he strokes,

And satin cloak


Softly on my skin.

‘Deep,’ he moans,

‘Deep sleep,’ intones.

Drifting out and in,

Of slumber

Where, no nightmares


But teeth

Nip hard

And pierce

And tell

Of wanton kiss

Revoking life,


By sharpened knife of

Incisors’ bitten bond.

‘Awake, my love,’

And shake the dream

From eyes

Of scarlet hue.

‘Come, my self,

Come fly with me,

Where others

Are awaiting you.’

Arise and weep,

An endless sleep,

Haunting still

The night.

Twin piercings

Shy from

Others’ eye,

Shunning morning’s light.

A twilight world

Of bloodied


Pallid hands,

A virginal clasp,

Flash of

Red tipped white.

Oliana, I hope you sleep tonight. http://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/dawn-has-passed/

Simon, other reasons for red eyes. http://isimonfiction.wordpress.com/



Why Do We Say What We Say?

http://secondthoughtstwice.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/who-are-we/  posed a question I began to comment on. When my comment started to look like I was taking over her post, I thought I’d give my reply in my own post.

Essentially, the question is why do we blog and say the things we do?


For myself, I think it’s because for all the years that my head has been buzzing with thoughts I’ve usually written them down and filed them away. Not necessarily stories and poems but thoughts about all sorts of things.

In my life, I feel there are only very few who would want to talk about certain things. I am lucky to have two or three people so close that this was a possibility. But, I don’t see them as often as I would like and life moves on and they, although still close in mind and spirit, have their own worries and thoughts and cares to contend with.

So what to do with all the buzzing that goes on inside and why would anyone be interested in any of it? I’m going to put that down to arithmetic. If I know a few people of like mind within my closest circle of friends and family, the odds of finding more of that shared empathy is greater the wider the radius of communication.

Not everything I say will interest everyone. And that works in reverse. But, I have already found gems here and I hope others enjoy some things of mine.

I get to chat and find open communication that, I feel, judges less in terms of the hidden me. But, perhaps, judges more on what I do reveal. I’m pretty sure that there are already a number of people who think I am a garrulous arse. But, I can live with that.

There is almost a level of flirtation to some communications but I see it as good banter with kindred spirits.

Those who don’t like my stuff don’t have to read. And, also true, in return.

I don’t make close friends easily. Oh, I have loads of people who think I’m one thing and I guess I may even ‘act up’ to that side of me that they like. It is part of me. I’ll be the clown, or the talker or the humourist. But, it is very much, a small part of who I am.

Here, I can be all of the bits of me. Like finding best friends who know, intrinsically, where I’m coming from. I already feel that I know that of others here. I may be kidding myself here. So much is unshared. But, little by little, we open up and disclose more of who we are, to better find and perhaps even narrow down those we may become closest to. As in life.

In years gone by, my best friend and I could talk for hours and days on anything and everything. Teenage into twenties, into thirties and so on. It has never changed but opportunities to share that closeness of mind and spirit have.

I used to joke with her that it would have been better if we were gay because then we would have found our soul mates. But, we didn’t fancy each other. Well, not much!

Actually, there was probably a fair measure of narcissism going on there because we looked very much alike as well as thinking and feeling in such similar ways.

Had I met a man who was like my friend back then, I would probably have ended up in a mental institution. I did not need someone who was so like me that they would pander to my reflective self quite so much. I needed someone who understood but who balanced that side of me. I got him.

What I do miss though, is the level of communication I found and shared with my friend and others whose lives, like mine, have moved on.

So, Why do I blog?

Arithmetic, seems to be my answer. Widening the net and catching closeness in its folds.