Many Ways

Speak love;                          hold fast my fascination,

Into my mind;                    ease such sweet frustration,

Tell me;                                 in words of dedication,

Show me;                            end my sublimation.

Please me;                           in ways of deviation,

Take me;                              release each rapt sensation,

Mould me;                           with tender observation.

Sing to me;                          another soul rendition,

Own me;                              I hear your plea’s petition.

Wonder not;                       no obvious solution,

Forgive me;                         I need your absolution.

Forget me.                          A hopeless persecution.

Hopefully, it should make sense reading right across or down either column. Maybe even bottom to top? Just noticed.

22 thoughts on “Many Ways”

    1. I’m looking at it sideways now right to left!!! Little bonuses I hadn’t noticed in the first writing of what was meant to be three way. Thanks for the comment. I might try this again to see if it was a fluke or not! 🙂 x


      1. I really liked it, even if it only could have been read one way! Isn’t it great when you notice bonuses that you hadn’t even meant to do? (I’ll have to go read it right to left now …)


      2. I’m just thinking now about studying poetry at school and how teachers would wax lyrical about what the poets meant. I used to think then, ‘How do you know? They might not have meant that at all. It could be what I think s/he means.’
        Not that I expect to be read in schools but I would have to say, ‘Oh that bit was an accident’. 🙂 x


      3. When they used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up back in my school days I always said “I want to be required reading”. I dreamed big back then 😉

        I agree with you completely! I used to get into arguments with my lit teachers in college over what the poet “meant”.


      4. Hold the dream. It’s what makes us.
        And, whatever poets may or may not mean, consciously or unconsciously, if it lights any spark of recognition at all, it’s worth it.x


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