Deliverance – In Whose Hands?

A video reading  Deliverance – In Whose Hands?


Potions kill with poison

And swords with sharpened points.

Guns slay like executioners

On streets, in clubs and other joints.

Sometimes, too, a hating hand

Will hold to rifle butt

And slew across the innocents,

Ending lives – short cut.

And words may kill,

If used for ill,

Barbed, like arrow tip,

Flailing folks with malice, shooting from the hip.

Weapons, all, within wrong hands,

On tongues and evil minds.

Targets found too easily

And, hatred, bullseye finds.

So many ways to kill a man,

A woman or a child.

So many ways to end the world,

Rampant retribution, running wild.

Citizens who, not all players,

Understand or scratch their heads,

Stripping back and peeling layers

Of purpose from these Neds and Eds.

True innocence with worldly knowledge,

Not found in Unis nor in College,

Knows and sees all that is ill,

If mankind cannot drink from source and so their well to fill.

A sip or two relaxes thirst

But seeks much more to quench,

To understand, to learn, to live

Amid corruption’s stench.

But, come the day, the revolution

When hearts, pure minds and souls

Seek spirit’s aim, solutions

And scores goals after goals

And wins the match, for evil fears,

Greater than any other,

Love that’s all-encompassing,

The world over, brother to brother.

Brothers all and sisters too,

Mankind blessed by soul

Whose search for meaning, purpose,

Source, can make the broken whole.

Deliverance, from earthly chains,

Bondages of rage,

A golden key from others’ hands

Unlocks souls’ flights from cage.

Neds = Non-educated delinquents

Eds = Educated delinquents

19 thoughts on “Deliverance – In Whose Hands?”

  1. Where is the video on your Facebook page? I’m clueless when it comes to all things Facebook related, but I would love to hear this read out loud.


    1. Bugger it. I’m still trying to work it out, how to connect it here. It’s on the facebook page but ….I’m going to try something else. I’m coming out of the closet, Mark 2!x


  2. Beautifully spoken! I’m so glad you managed to get the link to work! I love your voice, and you have a wonderful cadence and pitch for narration. Poem and voice make a smashing duet of words and music. 🙂


    1. Thanks. It took me longer to get it on here than it did to make it – by a long way. Glad you think it was worth it. I’m going to try to do some more and make a page specially for readings. What do you think? x


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