Ode to Hugh Jackman

It had to come!

Ice melts spontaneously

When you pass by.

A volcano’s eruption is, by comparison, shy.

Heat from your pores

Warms half the earth.

Adonis must have wept

On the day of your birth.


All treasures returned to ore,

Never more to glitter.

Even males look in wonder.

I wonder are they bitter

At Nature’s benevolence

And beauty with such prize?

Your wife is such a lucky girl.

No jealousy here. Just sighs.


Video reading    Ode To Hugh Jackman

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      1. Oh, I only opened it the other day so that I could upload a video poetry reading to it and then use the url for posting on my site. Decided to come out of the closet! I don’t even know what to do with Facebook!x


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