So apt. So true.x

Dennis Cardiff




“Judge not lest ye be judged.”
We know this, we accept it as reasonable,
yet, how often do we judge others?

“Why can’t they be like we are,
perfect in every way?”
We judge panhandlers
saying, “Get a job!”
not knowing if they are capable
of walking, let alone working.

We judge alcoholics
without knowing
if they can sleep
without drinking themselves
into a stupor.

We judge drug addicts
without knowing
if they suffer from chronic pain;
drugs, their only means
of finding relief.

We judge others
based upon our personal standards;
without a hearing, magistrate or jury.
Columbus aimed for India,
but instead, found America
did he fail?

Walk in another’s shoes;
live another’s life.
Almost, to one
may be more than enough
to another.


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And now the Glesca Mammy is out.

Before submitting this post I made two phone calls. To two of my children. To ask permission to post what is here. They both gave me the thumbs up.

Below is a word for word response that I made in comment on a blog post in OM’s Project O http://aopinionatedman.com/category/project-o/. I will not include the blog post itself.

‘My twenty year old daughter told me recently that she read of a poll conducted where one of the questions asked was, ‘When did you choose to be straight?’ The response given was, ‘I didn’t choose. I was born that way.’
However you perceive homosexuality in terms of the bible and the love of Jesus, there surely must be room to question whether anyone – anyone – born with whatever actual or perceived ‘disability’ has the same human rights as another?
I have seven children. I am a practising Roman Catholic. I have two gay children – one of each. Lucky me. For it allows me to practise what I preach – that all men and women are born equal. That God’s love is for all.
There may be some mystery attached as to why some people are born gay but until that mystery is revealed to me by the grace of God’s wisdom, I will love and defend the rights of all people.
Perhaps He chose to make it so to determine whether our love and sense of equality is all-inclusive or selective.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They were most enlightening.x’

If you want to argue human rights, try me. Just try me. These are my children we are talking about just as all gay people are someone’s children. Just as all gay people are people. You might not like it, you might not understand it. But it’s here and they’re born that way.

I can only conclude that I am in awe at how selective people can be in matters pertaining to human rights. So long as you are the right colour, nationality, creed, gender, sexual orientation. I am gobsmacked. Utterly gobsmacked.