So apt. So true.x

Dennis Cardiff




“Judge not lest ye be judged.”
We know this, we accept it as reasonable,
yet, how often do we judge others?

“Why can’t they be like we are,
perfect in every way?”
We judge panhandlers
saying, “Get a job!”
not knowing if they are capable
of walking, let alone working.

We judge alcoholics
without knowing
if they can sleep
without drinking themselves
into a stupor.

We judge drug addicts
without knowing
if they suffer from chronic pain;
drugs, their only means
of finding relief.

We judge others
based upon our personal standards;
without a hearing, magistrate or jury.
Columbus aimed for India,
but instead, found America
did he fail?

Walk in another’s shoes;
live another’s life.
Almost, to one
may be more than enough
to another.


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