Open Minds


This sadness knows no end it seems.

Drenched in it,

Soaked into seams.

Drowning world

From unreal dreams.

Ears so closed

To others’ screams

For justice,


An open ear.

We cry alone

Who cry for fear

Of closed-in world,

No listening ear.


But we will shout,

We will be heard,

We are not animals

Coralled as herd.


Where others fear to plough a furrow,

Remember, please, that come tomorrow,

When your chaos reigns and help is sought,

Who counted others’ screams as naught?


Diminished earth in space and time

There is no time to tread a line

Of non-commitment to a cause,

Upholding unjust, archaic laws

That seek to separate and blight

The human race in hate and spite.


Open minds to all you see

And hear and read

So you may be

A better Man than he. Or she.


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28 thoughts on “Open Minds”

  1. Sadness knows no end.

    Drenched in it,

    Soaked in seams.

    Drowning world

    Unreal dreams.

    Ears closed

    To others’ screams.



    The open ear.

    Cry alone,

    They cry for fear.

    The closed-in world,

    No listening ear.

    We shout,

    To be heard,

    Not as animals

    Not corralled.

    Where others fear to plough,

    Chaos reigns and help is long,

    Who counted others’ screams as naught?

    On a diminished earth,

    There is no line,

    No uncommitted cause,

    That held justice with archaic laws.

    The human race lies in spiteful hating.

    Open minds do better

    Through hearing and reading.


      1. Truly, I have no problem with that at all. I’ve rewritten things in my head a lot. I’m delighted you could relate to it and honoured you took the time to give it your thought. Your words are very kind. Keep on with the writing.:) x


  2. This is outstanding. Do you live in North Carolina? This is precisely how many of us feel who are fighting for those in need and those without a voice, only to have a legislative body turn deaf ears and take actions to make the lives of those in need worse. Thanks for sharing, BTG


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