Mind Warp

When we’ve been hurt

The chances are

We’ll seek some retribution

And play around with others’ hearts,

Seeking a solution.

For anger that lives deep down inside,

No longer suppressed but open wide

To anyone whose paths we cross.

We’ll make them suffer to

Assuage our loss.

Except, that doesn’t work.


Deeper hurt needs deeper healing,

Some understanding hugs with feeling.

Wounds, if picked, will fester so.

Hatred, vengeance, all will grow

Till fever claims your soul.

Relax, release, resist the urge,

Find another way to purge,

Before you warp your mind.


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9 thoughts on “Mind Warp”

  1. Profound message. One of my favorite expressions is, “Kill them with kindness.” It suggests violence and peace at the same time, but I would like to believe it means that you will kill your own anger and hatred by showing kindness to those who anger you.


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