E Words- ‘Cos I Like Them

Endangered by delusions

With no solutions.

Engendered ideas

With no fears.

Engulfed in sadness

Or madness.

Enforced by others’ will

To be still.

Escaping from traps

With no maps.

Encapsulating meanings

In words.

Eclipsing the sun

With the moon.

Enchanted by love

From above.

Editing words

On a page.

Easing a mind

To assuage.

Effervescing with bubbles

When no troubles.

Emitting sighs

With my cries.

Eliciting touch,

Loved so much.

Ending my reverie

With an E.

Kinaesthetic Experience

I cannot touch your body,

So tactile sense is out,

But, visual, auditory,

Let’s me reach and feel about. 


Kinaesthetic reaching

And learning, not a chore,

A means of understanding,

The modern and folklore.


A touch, a taste, some sight and sound

And a smell would work just fine.

I’ve found all this in savouring

A glass of reddest wine.


Tasting of exquisite fruit,

Aromatic gurgled flow,

The deepest, darkest damson ripe,

Lifted delicately, just so.


It works for almost everything,

Try it and you’ll see.

Learning, truly learning,

Begins by sensing all we be.

My Love

Lost in contemplation of your eyes,

A smile escapes, then followed by my sighs.

You lie with me and pools of liquid gleam,

I snuggle close and close my own to dream


Of love we’ve shared so many years like this,

Of passion, slowly followed by such bliss.

In dreams, you run to me and hold,

To warm a heart, once frozen so with cold.


Your trust in me fills all I am today

And makes the woman work at keeping all this way.

For none should take such precious love for granted,

It’s effort, work, combined with seeds we’ve planted.


If dreams turn other thoughts to mind,

Remember, in my life, you’ll always find

Arms wide to welcome all you are:

My lover, friend, my constant shining star.

OK, This One Is For Chocolate

Eyes gaze lovingly

At purple clad delight,

Tongue moistens lips in readiness,

Teeth long to take a bite.


Fingers fumble with the foil

Of loveliness portrayed,

Then, desperately, rip cover off,

No more to be waylaid.


Unclothed in all its splendour,

Just asking to be taken,

Velvet touch and sinful taste,

Now all senses shall awaken.


The look of such, the smell, the taste!

Wrinkled foil discard,

Endorphins surging through my core,

Melting softness from the hard.


With pot of tea, this illicit lust

Is wanton-filled with pleasure.

It is not sex, it’s chocolate

But who cares? They’re both a treasure.