OK, This One Is For Chocolate

Eyes gaze lovingly

At purple clad delight,

Tongue moistens lips in readiness,

Teeth long to take a bite.


Fingers fumble with the foil

Of loveliness portrayed,

Then, desperately, rip cover off,

No more to be waylaid.


Unclothed in all its splendour,

Just asking to be taken,

Velvet touch and sinful taste,

Now all senses shall awaken.


The look of such, the smell, the taste!

Wrinkled foil discard,

Endorphins surging through my core,

Melting softness from the hard.


With pot of tea, this illicit lust

Is wanton-filled with pleasure.

It is not sex, it’s chocolate

But who cares? They’re both a treasure.

11 thoughts on “OK, This One Is For Chocolate”

  1. Aww, I knew the last one wasn’t about chocolate, but it made me crave chocolate…although that’s pretty easy to do. Any desire for me can translate easily into chocolatey goodness.


    1. Do you really think that I thought a clever car like you wouldn’t ever get the message? Shame on you. 😉 Here, have some chocolate. Just one of my favourite things too. 🙂 x


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