A Kinder Soul

I’ve rarely met a kinder soul,

So full of inner feeling.

Doctor, surgeon, rabbi, priest,

Shamen, all know healing


Of such a type that mends a life

But none as clear as this.

The sort that gives without compromise,

Asks not for a kiss.


Though merit due to such a one,

Deserving so much love,

Shall one day know the glories of

The love from up above.


Until then this friend shall be

A friend to those who seek,

In silence they communicate,

No words they need to speak.


But those that are, are clothed in form

As angels shining bright.

My love to friend goes travelling

Out beyond the night.


Some friends there are who shall be named

And others who shall not

But, friendship still, their value, worth,

None, like this, is bought.





31 thoughts on “A Kinder Soul”

  1. I love your poetry some I find heavy going but this one has really struck my heart and speaks to me so much and it reminds me how I feel about one my close friend. Thank you x


    1. I find myself heavy going at times. 🙂 I’m glad this struck a chord with you. Some people just seem to make wonderful friends. It’s lovely that you have such a one. x


      1. We met on the early education and child care course and we struck a friendship within 30 minutes and have been now for over 3 years, we just understand each other. 🙂 As for the reblog I dont know where it has gone lol it will turn up 🙂


  2. Amazing! I go away for 24 hours and find you can go from x-rated chocolate to a beautiful heartfelt poem in the twinkle of an eye. Your muse within is becoming exemplary! You have begun your journey of touching the spirit within and rendering that touch for us. It is pleasing to the soul! 🙂


    1. That’s a lovely comment from you. Thank you so much. The pendulum knows each side of the swing and the journey in between. Multi-faceted we all are, I think. Tell me when you’re away for 48 hours and I’ll see what I can do. 😉 x


      1. My pleasure! And so true, we must know all of the scale to know truth, for what would we compare it with if there was only UP (down), BLACK (white) or even just HAPPY (sad). Your words show much wisdom.
        If you keep creating at this level, I’ll let you know even when I go to the letter box if you wish 🙂


      2. A man after my own heart. It is the opposites and everything in between that seems to allow for seeing a multi-dimensional image. I do not want to restrict your movements in any way so I’ll be sure to take breaths at times and resist some of the flow. 🙂 Nope, sorry, I tried. I just can’t stop now that I’ve started. Stock up the pantry. 😉 x


  3. Simple and clear words of love and friendship. To me, those are the words that sink the deepest and are felt the strongest. Beautiful. Reowr!


    1. Aw, you’re wasting me. Every time I think of my friends I am in awe at the luck of finding them. Or perhaps we were planted there for each other. Either way, heaven-sent blessings.x


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