Follow, Follow, We Will Follow……dah, dah, dah

Numbers are a funny thing with only ten small digits.

0 up to number 9, attached to little widgets,

Reflecting much but not at all

For though they disappear,

It doesn’t mean an alien

Has suddenly appeared

And grabbed all people by their neck

And whisked them clean away,

I’m sure these lovely people are

Still at work or play.


It reminds me of when bankers said

That money had all gone.

Well, that can’t be true. Who’d burn it

Or why? They’d be stupid or forlorn.

The only answer I can see

For both, if there’s a reason,

Is someone’s hidden sacks and hoards

And plans on open season

For festive days with others’ stuff.

It makes me sick,

I’ve had enough

Of little games that people play

Or programs that

Go weird, astray.


I’m not too fretful of the ‘follows’,

No doubt it will be sorted.

I’m more concerned with politics

And how truth is so aborted.

Jiggling numbers nought to ten

Counting up then down again.


Looking for an honest one

A political superhero

Instead we get a load of rot.

We’re forced back down to zero.

I’ve said it once,

I’ll say it twice.

People don’t just melt

But, lucre? Well that’s different

You get the cards you’re dealt.

How sad to say that fiscal goals

And elaborate accounting

Destroy the truth and hope for some,

Leave honest citizens doubting.


Just to finish, let me say

If I’ve followed you before

And it looks like I’ve abandoned you

I’ll come knocking at your door.

Fickle, not is in my plan

But then that’s only me

I never really learned to count

Much more than up to three.

One for good, two for bad

And three, somewhere between.

All the rest is calculus

Not my forte, you will glean.

Place value I can understand

And find it fascinating,

But lying politicians, bankers,

These I find disgracing.

Just sayin’. 🙂

35 thoughts on “Follow, Follow, We Will Follow……dah, dah, dah”

      1. I panicked….slightly…..little bit……ok ALOT!!!! hahaha….but it still shows who I follow… WP hasn’t gone all wackledoodle on us!!


      2. There you go then. No one’s disappeared. Now if they had. What a post that would be! I can see the title – ‘Followers fail to materialise – Bloggers heartbroken’.
        So they know anyway. Good. I can never be arsed sorting these things out. 🙂 Thanks for the update. x


    1. No, I didn’t that I’m aware of. I’ll check. Did you have a problem with another aspect of the system? Still sitting at zero. Very humbling. I feel like I have travelled back in time to mid- June in those early days of saying to myself, ‘What exactly am I supposed to do here?’ x


  1. OK, thanks, I’ve let them know. And on 9/11, too. Posted it super-early, too. (sigh). Oh, well. Going to watch the birds at my bird feeders for a while. That always gets me back in God’s good graces.


      1. Yes, they will. Someone commented earlier on that theirs had returned some time before mine. So, it’s just numbers that are mucked up. Probably some bug in a program somewhere. That’s some level of expertise on the subject, isn’t it? 🙂 x


    1. It was quite good fun, like when all the electricity would go off in the seventies and you had to burn candles and tell ghost stories. That kind of fun. Glad they’re all back. 🙂 x


      1. Ha Ha!!!! I know she was a bit before the ‘strikes’ and the blackouts, but it was the first song that came to my mind. The strange thing is, I don’t even like that darn song!!!! Got all my followers back now, just going to let everyone know. Thanks again, you’re a star 🙂 x


  2. Cicero’s theory (106 BC – 43 BC), still in practice 🙂
    1 – Poor man : Works,
    2 – Rich man : Exploits the poor man,
    3 – Soldier: Defends both,
    4 – Taxpayer : Pays for all three,
    5 – Vagabond : Rests for all four,
    6 – Drunkard : Drinks for all five,
    7 – Banker: Robs all six,
    8 – Lawyer : Deceives all seven,
    9 – Doctor : Kills all eight,
    10- Undertaker : Buries all nine,
    11- Politician : Lives at the cost of all ten.


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