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Empty echoes in

Hallowed halls,

Glittering grime

On ancient walls,

Fettered to grandiosity,

Chained by resonating

Fine words,

Purveying promises.



Perfection in Unity

Utterly compelling.x


Soul Mates

Long We have been separated, Love,
Though in the Dawn of Existence we Kissed Each Other Sweetly.
Born of One Spirit,
Lingering in Breathless Anticipation,
Sharing Each Thought,
Each Breath,
Each Moment,
Unified in Perfection, Perfection in Unity.

Birth brought division, separation, desertion,
Calamity of loneliness and confusion.
Each day I have sought You,
Seeking the Beauty of Your Eyes,
Listening for the Allure of Your Voice,
Reaching for Your Exquisite Hands,
Yearning for the Splendor Your Touch,
Desiring none but You.

Alas, Love, my Search was Fruitless.
Stolen Time, Ineffectual Years,
Breaking the Hourglass of Patience,
Diminishing Essence to Pallor.
Inescapable Longing.

Until A Glimmer Escaped the tedium,
A Question Poised on Possibility,
Hope Sprung from her hiding place deep within my Heart
At Seeing You,
Recognizing You,
Though I knew not Your Name,
Certain only of the Pounding of my Spirit,
The Trembling of my Heart,

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Through You

So true.

Sounds of the Son

It’s not revealed to you
It’s revealed through you
Your life becomes the expression
Of the joy that will pursue you!

It’s not fall upon you
It grows within you
Your heart gives it the start
The soul lets it continue

It isn’t something new
It is someone new
Yourself becomes your self
It is a whole other you!

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