What Happened Next

The phenomenally talented Cubby, over at http://reowr.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/what-will-be/ wrote a beautiful and poignant poem, entitled, ‘What Will Be’. I’m a sucker for a happy ending so I penned a response to it. Cubby very kindly suggested that I post my response. So here it is.

In my mind, I see a girl,
Feeling way too shy,
While other sees her very soul,
Gleaming forth from eye.

Her radiance he has noticed,
Not merely once, but many.
But fortune tripped intention
And cost courage, worth each penny.

In bed he lay, unwell to world
And bus did pass him by,
But dreams of her invaded fever
And caused his soul to cry

Unto the dark, where she lay sleeping,
In dreams the two will join.
Message relayed, all would be well,
Fate cannot purloin

The love of two, glimpsed briefly so,
And soon on lap she sits
While passengers gaze in awe to see
Two pairs of smiling lips.

I’m on this bus, I’ve been there,
A journey without end,
To court and to be courted
By love and life-long friend.


I need a happy ending.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Romantic heart cannot conceive

Of love lost, by even few.


Mists and Light

Grey-matted, with eyes half-closed, they wander. Aimless meanderings, not really searching. From town to town, each one closed down, they venture with ear half-alert to other signs of life. Odd, but now usual, silence screams forth, occasionally broken by beast. And feet trudge, shuffling through dust-blown particles of life.

Cataclysmic, apocalyptic haze pervades and shrouds in mist the fallen, undead and wandering. Distorted reality now a nightmare dream, endured by only some few.



A yellow light flickers in distant hill and direction alters to face some sign of life. Endurance, a candle burns. Feet rise to greet the haven and hearts beat stronger now. Grey turns lighter, till brighter and white, clothed in dawn’s new hope.