There Are Those

There are those who get

You’re giving

Who understand your gain

There are those

Whose comprehending



All the pain.

There are those whose love


All mankind as one

And woman

As another source

Of solace and of some

Desire and wonder

So imbued with



There are those

Who simply

Get it

And there are those……

Who don’t.


14 thoughts on “There Are Those”

    1. I caught a glimpse of your post in my reader ( sorry, not been in yet. Trying very hard to catch up and failing miserably!)
      When I got this comment here I thought, work, new house, family or bloke. Something’s not going well. Hang in Suzie. You know how strong you’ve become. You can ride this wave whatever it is. And if not, lift two fingers to it all and get on. I really hope whatever is the problem will be resolved soon. You don’t need the hassle with all you’ve got going on just now. Big Hugs! Here if you need to talk. x


  1. There are always those who get it and those who are oblivious…they are just not meant to be the ones; there are also givers and takers in this world but the benefits are far greater when giving:) Namaste…hugs xx


    1. You’re so right. Thank you.
      I know your PO is out. I’m trying to read through and catch up in some sort of order ‘cos I keep losing the place. Looking forward to reading it. Hugs to you. 🙂 x


      1. Dont worry about it, Scottie…it drives me bonkers too when I get behind but then I have to choose to write too!! I download them to read on the bus now and write down my comments in my notebook. I am the crazy lady with the notebook now on the bus, on the metro, standing in line…ahahaha


      2. That’s a good idea though. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so far behind if I’d done something similar. And you’re reblogging them. I never even thought of doing that. In fact, I haven’t even reblogged my own! I’ll get there. I’m determined. 🙂 x


      3. the post are not going anywhere anytime soon, so relax m’dear…one day at a time, one post at a time;) If you see my last one you’ll freak out, so just a warning, I’m not dying and I’m not suicidal…lol:) hugsxx


      4. True. Too many things going on at the one time here. 🙂 Glad you warned me. I sometimes take posts too literally. Then again, some people take mine literally too. 🙂 x


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