Project O – Article #63: Scottishmomus – Glasgow, Scotland (Scheduled for 9-16 @ 12:00)

Should have already done this. But I’ve been busy!
Check out other submissions in Project O. Some fantastic and insightful reads.

8 thoughts on “Project O – Article #63: Scottishmomus – Glasgow, Scotland (Scheduled for 9-16 @ 12:00)”

    1. You did – on my About Page. You’re worse than me. Didn’t you just have a holiday? Brain should be firing on all cylinders. 😉

      Scared to ask about the football results – I only did half a rosary – I was waylaid! Hope they won. If not, blame me. 🙂 x


      1. Yeah!!!! Half a rosary. Who knows what the score would have been with a whole one!

        I thought you said you were going on holiday around the 15th. Maybe that was the date to end submissions. Can’t remember myself now. 😉

        And what a project. Still not caught up on them all yet. I keep bloody writing. Very little reading of anything getting done. But I will. :)x


    1. I’m completely wasted! What an accolade. Feel like a superstar ready to perform before the queen. Thank you so much for your words. They are so touching. I am honoured to be mentioned.x


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