Your Voice

Your voice is quite mellifluous

In my imagination

It washes clear across my pores

And takes me to your nation.

It may be one like Hugh of Oz

That melts and quivers knees,

Or could be spoken like a kiss

That touches, breathes with ease.

It could be a Canadian

Or US dialect,

It could be Scots or Irish

With a something in its fleck.

It could be just my hearing

That warms to accents so.

It may be just the words you say

That cause ears and heart to glow.


10 thoughts on “Your Voice”

    1. Now, I don’t know that one well enough but I’m sure it is melodious and could be equally enjoyed by my ears. I pretty much love all accents. Geordie, Liverpudlian, Mancunian, aye, even London. (Actually, there are a couple that grate but I don’t want to cause offence!) 🙂 x


    1. Is that right? I suppose that’s better than, ‘Eeh, by gum, lass.’
      Lots of little peculiarities – that’s what I love about accents. Then I find I start picking them up and people think you’re taking the mickey. 🙂 x


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