Explore the Night

Awake again at 4a.m.

New disconcerting routine,

Disturbs my equilibrium.

What can it really mean?


Alert in mind, I light and write,

Fast and furiously,

While body, eyes demand more hours

In unconscious liberty.


Expel the words, take down the notes.

Try to keep it legible.

Later on today, I know,

I’ll make it more intelligible



Except this one, it came to me,

Not at 4 but half past three!

It’s going in my post right now

As is. Insomnia is such a cow!


I never used to wake at all.

I slept and dreamt till wake-up call.

And now I can’t get through one night

Without waking, writing. And some is shite!


Has anyone an answer to

This problem? What to say or do?

Except. I don’t know. I may quite like

Waking in the dead of night


When all asleep explore their dreams

And I explore my mind.

52 thoughts on “Explore the Night”

  1. Cheat, do what I do and as things come into my mind I record them on my mobile and ‘try’ to go back to sleep. Like all else, practice this and you may get back to routine of 6 or 8 hrs sleep. If all else fails, meditate…I’m usually asleep within 20 min. Reverse psychcology…try to do something and you’ll fall asleep 🙂


    1. Good to meet you….in the dead of night. 🙂
      I popped over to read your darkly delicious poem a few minutes ago. Looking forward to the acquaintance. Now, I’m definitely going to sleep. Up in 3 hours. Aghh! x


      1. Wonderful to meet you too. Your sweet. I am looking forward to yours as well. Please sleep, I know it’s hard, especial when a wonderful dream wakes me and sets my fingers on fire. My mind is going a mile per minute. It’s the best. Nite…sweetest of dreams.


  2. Insomnia is my best friend BUT when I do sleep now, am dreaming of lines and verses and EVEN editing in my REM sleep and think I’m still awake! so good idea this Mark friend has given…record…over and out…I’ll only be disturbing Bette, my feline friend:)


      1. Are you on a horse?

        I’ll see what I can do.
        Like chocolate, eh?

        Think I could have some chocolate and coffee just now. Lots of caffeine and endorphins.
        Yup. Gonna make a coffee. Bugger sleep. 🙂 x


      2. It wasn’t me…I didn’t do it…honest! ….What have I done? I’ve created this chocolate monster, caffeine addict that doesn’t sleep and writes these tantalising poetic themes of night time lovers, succulent foods and fantasy, 10 pages long. Maybe she’s one of those creatures that finally goes to sleep when the sun comes up, slouched over her keyboard ? 🙂


      3. Naw, that’s when I teach. I actually do not too bad on a few hours sleep. Then I crash and sleep for Scotland.

        What do you mean ten pages long? I am verbose. But ten pages? That’s pushing it even for me. 🙂 x


      4. Yes, but them ones I can really lay back and digest those lovely stories in their own right 🙂
        All you have written, is a story in my mind, fires the imagination…mind you, on top of that I can daydream a little 🙂 Especially about chocolate…I’m a fiend! 🙂


      5. Sorry. Almost drifted off there in delights of melting chocolate, gloriously drowned in hot coffee while waiting for my laptop to boot up. My other gadget was out of charge. That was lovely. Still tasting it as I sip. 🙂 x


      6. Um, are we caffeinated now? All fired up and ready to go? I assume the other gadget (out of charge), you were referring to was your percolator? 🙂 Or do you have some fiendish chocolate maker you aren’t telling us about? 🙂


      7. Who me? Never! Lovely, nicely written. And I put a comment at its post (at least I think that’s what I did 🙂
        And I must give my humblest apologies. A friend in need has called and I must do as you are now doing and harken to my souls yearning. And lend my heart to a troubled mind.
        At least there might be heaps for me to read when I get back? 🙂
        Take care guys! (Oh, and get some sleep 🙂 )


  3. Being the sole person awake at 3 AM can be delicious. Time – quiet, uninterrupted time – in which one can think. No interruptions; no demands on one’s time. I feel like I can be myself — completely. So … no worries!


      1. Massive mug. Black and strong. No bloody chocolate. See this house. Oh wait, I might have some in my bag……
        Yippee! A woman’s bag. Full of mysteries and delight. 🙂 x


    1. On no, it’s definitely different when waking with wee ones through the night. Mine are past that stage. Now it’s just me that’s waking. The silver lining is that I usually wake with something to write. 🙂 x


      1. That is a waking nightmare, to be required still to function when you’re half asleep with tiredness to the point of exhaustion. I’ve not felt that in a long time that I can remember. The joys of a wonderful sleep definitely not to be looked on with disdain. Facing the next day so much easier with lots of zzzzzzzs under your belt. 🙂 x


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