The Siren’s Song

Harken to the siren’s song,

Calling forth now, ‘Come. Belong’.

Though tempest sea does rage.


In melody she sings out true,

Awakened heart from ocean’s blue.

Empowered words assuage


Memories that fade at last,

Submerged in cleansing sea-foam blast,

As since creation’s age.


Portentious dreams awake inside,

Where love fears not, nor seeks to hide

But battles still they wage.


Akin to fear, is love so lost,

Refuse and measure what the cost,

Trapped in sunken cage.


Lifebelt thrown to save a heart,

A mind and body, siren marks

And, feelings, tries to gauge.


Eyes will seek inside that soul

While stormy seas do thwart the goal.

Howling winds enrage.


Shipwrecked on the shore of love,

Receive this gift from up above

As God and man engage.


The siren’s song will wreck your ship

But cargo will she save.

No soul will perish at her words

Her song, road golden, paves.


12 thoughts on “The Siren’s Song”

  1. When I was a kid I was told that the Sirens were probably just sea cows and seals. All I can say is, my teacher must have had a funny idea of what constituted an attractive woman.


  2. I love the structure: aab ccb ddb etc. the tercets work really well. In some sense it beautifully matches the feel of an ocean. Each tercet has its own rise and fall, and there’s a sense the piece builds momentum with each stanza. You’ve given me some rhythmic ideas.

    As for the poem, I was wondering how much your being Scottish effects your view of the sea? I quite like the ferociousness of it all–It reminds me of the neighbouring Atlantic ocean. I’m from New Zealand, and specifically Dunedin (“The New Edinburgh of the South”). We are the closest country to Antarctica.


    1. I love the sea. I don’t know how much this has to do with me being Scottish or me being me. There might be an element of it in there somewhere as I also love mountains. The two together would be an ideal location to live.
      Then again, I love the desert too. And there’s not too much of that about here.
      Might just be me then. 🙂 x


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