8 thoughts on “Mighty and Majestic”

      1. I am being usefully bossy 🙂 But I am currently looking after my mum due to an illness, that’s why I’m spending much time on my computer. That, and spirit asking me to put my experiences and what I have been shown onto my blogsite. It all comes together for a purpose. I can win a million dollars next year, this is more important 🙂


      2. Well it was useful. Thank you. I went to sleep. And now I’m awake again. Bizarrely refreshed!
        Aw, what you’re already doing beats anything. Looking after your mum. Been there. Difficult. But one of the greatest privileges of my life. That is spirit moving.
        A million dollars would come in handy too though! 😉 x


    1. Thank you.
      Words and paint upon a page,
      Illuminating image saves
      Depictions in my mind as well,
      Causes heart and soul to swell.

      Sorry, couldn’t help it!

      Your words you see
      Inspire too
      Poetic purpose
      Crafting new.

      Thank you again. :)x


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