Possible Dreams

Each shell on the seashore,

A possible dream.

Lift it and listen,

Hear all it has seen


Of lovers entwined

On the sand in the night,

Exploring in darkness

Sensual delight


Of kisses so sweet

All tenderness felt,

Hearts pound to waves motion

Instinctively, melt.


Of touch in the sand

Where grains wash away

But passion and love

Forever will stay.


Of mermaids and men

And lusty portrayal,

Weaving together

No lies, no betrayal.


Of sharks in the deep

Where cold water flows,

Of destiny’s rhythm

Not one soul knows.


Only shells on the seashore

And the stories they tell

Hidden on a beach where

Rollers rose and they fell.


Empty apart from grit

Some may grow,

Revealing a pearl

Of wisdom to know.


Listen quite closely,

Their stories convey

A message for living.

They learn while we pray


A plea to the heavens,

A song from the sea,

Whispers of wonder

For you and for me.

16 thoughts on “Possible Dreams”

  1. That’s exactly what I needed to start my day. (Ok, it’s lunchtime). Beautifully written and expresses the yearnings and wonder of love, life and the beauty all around for me. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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