Golden Days

In golden age of godly days,

Zeus on Olympus high,

A world controlled by fickleness

And portents from the sky.


Eros fired an arrow true

But aimed at two apart,

Delighted in his mischief

And laughed at broken heart.


Aphrodite wooed and swooned,

Insidious creeping charm,

Wreaked havoc on all men of worth,

Inflicted them with harm.


Poseidon guarded mighty deep

And trident powered seas.

He roared into the chasms, caves

And harkened not to pleas.


Hades kept all souls within

A haunted, hellish hole.

No one travelled over Styx

To save immortal soul.


Zeus believed all he conceived

And interfered in lust

Meddling so in specious forms.

A god, fornicating and unjust.


So many little entities

And great and powerful ones

Distorting truth and argument

All for godly fun.


The golden days of yesteryear,

In fantasy and flight,

Mesmeric in their poesy

But rarely often right.


And still I read of mighty deeds

And heroes of the past,

For myths and legends so profound

Will captivate and last.

6 thoughts on “Golden Days”

    1. I loved that movie. Or should I say, film? Pre CGI and so amazingly shot. Saw a bit of it recently. Doesn’t quite live up to expectations now. But magical at the time.
      Talos? He was a woos! It was the flying meat eaters that scared the bejaysus out of me. 🙂 x
      Or am I thinking of Jurassic Park?


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