Sensuality’s Song

Sexuality knows a secret,

It lives within the mind,

Nourishes the sensual soul,

Imagination finds



Sublime pleasures in the brain,

Transferred to earth by body,

Electrical compulsion blast,

Volcanic does embody



Eruption from the very core,

The mind, the heart, the soul,

Thankfulness in all its parts,

Making loving whole.



Re-release the woman,

Fulfil the song with glory,

Sing crescendos to the heavens.

Harmony, the story.



The man shown love with sensual song

Accompanying each new chorus,

Responds in loving heart’s desire,

Fountain flows and pours.



Celebrating love again

In joyous, radiant rapture,

Senses felt, all revealed,

Two hearts relive, recapture



A cosmic song when two belong

And love has found its path,

Fluorescent lights and stars

And mirth – such loving laugh.



A message then, if one you need,

Release the mind to know,

Reveal and celebrate to find,

Let all loving show.



Received in pleasure, given too,

Abandonment enhances,

Two rejoined in unity.

New life, new hope, new chances.



For life and worries can defeat

And thwart all expectation,

But mindful, soulful, sensual heart

Shows by demonstration.


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8 thoughts on “Sensuality’s Song”

  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of an encounter where we were determined to avoid going there…but spirit had other ideas…and then we kissed…we were lost, so lost within each other it was almost heaven. But then again, maybe it was 🙂


      1. I can confidently say it was the most beautiful connection I have ever had. The energy was amazing and little did I know what spirit was about to show me. It is the story on my site at ‘The Love’ if you want to understand that ‘connection’. (It’s a bit too long here). But anyway, its memory you have brought to me through this lovely poem is very worthwhile. Magic even, and thank you kind lady, it will bring a smile for many a day 🙂


  2. Thank you. It has put a very big smile on my face. It’s 12.30am here now so I’ll go to sleep and see if spirit has anything further to say about my beautiful ‘lesson’. May your dreams also bring a smile. x


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