Time Stands Still

I walk alone

On midnight street,

No body there

To meet or greet,

But shadow walks close by.


Street lamps cast

The company,

Formless shade

Strolls next to me,

Reaching for my hand.


I gasp to clasp

What’s offered there

But nothing solid,

Only air,

An empty yawning space.


A light appears

In front of me

From void

Beyond eternity.

Your form appears within.


You stare so long

I start to sway.

You rescue. Distance

Falls away

And time stands still for two.


Midnight still

And caught in space,


By one of grace

And heart of precious ore.


I blink just once

And now you’re gone

In recaptured chasm

You belong.

Light fades into dark.


A nearby clock

Begins to chime

Each stroke, the passage

Of our time.

Midnight once again.


But shadow still

Walks next to mine

Embodies closeness

Outwith time.

You will always be.


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14 thoughts on “Time Stands Still”

  1. I’m reading this at midnight! Wohoo! I’m glad there are no shapes in the dark where I’m sitting. Only the remnants of a busy week, strewn across the floor. My glass of wine is empty, my plate is fully scraped, and all I’m left with his sheets beckoning me to sleep. —- I love the poem. As usual you get me thinking, and reflecting, and that’s why I hang about. Good Night!


    1. Is that the night or the wine? I find both have that effect on me. That and predictive programmes that send everything out squiffy ‘cos I didn’t doublecheck before hitting send. 🙂 Do it all the time. :)x


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