To a Dear One

It’s strange the way life seems to go,

Those deserving get no show

Of all the things that make life grand

A touch, a taste, the hold of hand

To mask the loneliness within.

Relieve the aching want.


Life is such a bitch at times

She really is, (don’t know what rhymes)

But, rest assured, I’ll hammer doors,

I’ll kick them in on all the floors

To ensure

You have that love.


There is no other one I know

Quite so deserving so I’ll go

To where He waits to answer pleas,

I’ll get down on my bended knees.

I swear

You will know love.


I trust in God, I have no fear,

He asks sometimes for curse and swear.

He’s cool with that, I know this too,

He created all, so nothing new

To He that holds all answers

To our prayers.


My selfishness has known no end

A truly jealous awful friend

Who sought to keep

All I saw deep.

Not mine to own

I fear.


But fear not you, I guarantee,

I shout for all who’re close to me

And all others who have need.

I’m bad, at times, but not to feed

From others hurt or misery.

That really is not me.


Watch this space. You hear? I say.

Not many days from hence, I pray,

A love will come and in her grasp

She’ll hold the future you will clasp.

I’m sad,

This loss for me.


But greater than my selfish need, desire

Is happiness for you. I aspire

To turn your cause into my own

To make your house a loving home.

Just watch.

I know the way.


You see, my faith is quite perturbed

When others think that I’m disturbed

Believing what I know to be

In trust and reckless honesty

And vows and wishes.

I see the way.


My gentle friend with heart of gold

Always in my heart I’ll hold

A place for one who is unique

Who loves and wants but cannot speak

Of all

That he would wish.


I’ll wish for you. I’m great at this.

I send to you my fondest kiss

And all the prayers that I can muster

Gathered in a bouquet, cluster

Of joyous

Sweetest dream.


Now go to rest, your life is mine

While you renew the trials of time.

Awake anew, I don’t know when

But life, for you, begins again.


I promise you.

20 thoughts on “To a Dear One”

  1. That is an incredible poem. Do I detect more heart openings in your journey through life. That has come from somewhere very deep and thoughtful. Thank you very much for sharing, it is such a profoundly written piece. I’ve actually got goosebumps happening all over and spirit is giving me the thought of ‘premonition in its words’. Now THAT will give me something to think on today. Again, thank you for the share, I think your spirit within was passing a truth on to me. Namaste


    1. Premonition???? Watch this space. There will be an answer ‘cos I am demanding it for this person. The best of the kind anyone could ever know. From the heart and the soul. And to the heart and the soul that makes it all possible.
      Now I am hammering doors. Now, there will be an answer. I have no fear. Please knock with me for one so deserving of love.
      Soooooo much to give. So much to gain.
      Unite and pray for this one. His happiness and joy will make a difference to the world. Namaste.x


  2. There is a star out there that you should look at. It will draw you anyway so I don’t have to tell you where. Possibly to the right of where is the brightest. That is the one. The one that as above so below requires. Ask there. Direct attention. I don’t even know what I am saying but it feels absolutely right. there will be a question and answer and you can tell me tomorrow. This person needs this now. Soon. All help required. All stars called upon to seek to source and illuminate the way.
    Pray, Mark. I believe something is already happening.x


  3. Something is happening all right and your words are touching something within. After all that has been said and conveyed by your poem, I went to a friends home this morning (she is a very spiritual lady), and she proceeded to tell me I’m about to meet a lady (also very spiritual), then another friend arrived and practically said the same thing. Synchronicity by the bucket load so I must be on my path. I will take heed of all you have said as the energy of today has been amazing to say the least so I will be more aware of what is happening around me . I did a reading for the 2nd lady and the energy interaction was that high I was able to see her very clearly. You have seriously encouraged a shift within me with your words. Many thanks scottishmomus, I will keep you informed to the outcome. I keep feeling I’m very close to a very strong energy and keep turning around and looking about expecting someone to be there. Time to do a little yoga breathing, another synchronicity with another friend who was at the home today gave me some instructions for the breathing technique. Thank again for the beauty that you have given, and a star that is around me. Namaste x
    P.S. While looking out to sea today I watched three whale mother’s and their calf’s frolicking and jumping right up out of the water. Beautiful to watch, and topped off an incredible day.


    1. Synchronicity and beauty. Absolutely perfect. Spirit moving in waves and leaping for joy.
      What always feels incredible for me is I hardly ever know till after the fact. Other times, a huge knowing. I can live with both. It all unfolds whether we see it now or later.x


      1. Mmm, ye of the Triple Goddess. Might you be one of the ‘gift’, passed down from eon’s old. The three stages of the Maiden, Mother and Crone or just one with the ‘sight’. I’m still getting goosebumps and as high as a kite. I may have to go stick my feet in the water and ground myself I think. I haven’t had a day like this for a while. And yes, spirit is asking to be heard and about to show me something. I feel like a kid in a toy shop. Thank you again for your words and the secrets of a poet! 🙂 x


    1. More or less. Konked out about 2 or 3. Woke again 5ish. Can’t seem to catch a full night shift. But I’m cool with it. I’ve got a wee holiday today. Long weekend. the lovely Scottish September weekend. Friday and Monday off for schools so a lovely break.x


      1. Aah, and as you said, if you could just stick YOUR feet in the sea, all would be well. In exactly 20 min from now my feet will be doing just that. I’ll send the sensation of the waves with Reiki so that it will be a healing to your soul. Need not miss out all together. It should send you off for a little sleep before the day gets serious. Thanks again 🙂


  4. My pleasure and the water temp at this time of year will be getting around the 18-20 deg Celcius (which is about 70 F.). Nearly bathwater and a soothing stroll it is. Just as long as the whales don’t want to come into the shore to play, bit big for a wrestle in the surf. Actually I’ll take a photo and stick it up here when I get back, hopefully with some whales in it 🙂 x


  5. That has to be one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read…had me in tears actually….




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