A second one that matters. Music sometimes seems to say more than words alone. Fab!

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You can be amazing…. You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug…. (Yes, I would totally do what these dancers did. I would dance with no music, for no reason. I WOULD!!!!)

Good Tunesday my loves. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Life has changed drastically in the last week or so. I’ve moved out and am living on my own for the first time in my adult life. The silence is sometimes deafening, but I’m keeping busy with household projects. I’ve been visiting friends and trying to learn to do things on my own. Trying to brave.

I’m learning to be truthful in my pursuit of happiness. To think not only of myself, but the others that my quest affects.

My advice, open your heart and mouth. Screw up the courage within and speak your truth. Be prepared, because the outcome ain’t gonna be pretty…

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You’ve got mail…

Up for the challenge? So many possibilities!

Traces of the Soul


“Bonjour Papa” she began to write. “Tu sais, ce n’est pas vraiment juste, Papa, tu me manques énormément!”

Desirée sighs and wonders if she is too harsh telling her father that it really is not fair how she misses him. She is sprawled on her bed, lying on her tummy and writing on special paper her aunt sent her from Marseille. She wrote on a cork place mat she sneaked into her room from the dining room. It was the huge wide one with two cherubs holding hands.  Her mother won`t miss it …much. She kept the other seven at the bottom of the vaisselier’s bottom drawer.  Anyway, it worked as a quasi-desk on her bed…so there!  Desirée could be quite obstinate at times and act out like a toddler rather than her 15 years.

Her father travelled a lot and had divorced her mom a year ago…

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Silence rings louder than bells,

Peals, so no one can tell

Whether other exists

Or if life has been missed.

Silence may send you to hell.


Silence tinkles at times

With portents played out on chimes

Of varying range.

Will anything change

Silence, if life no longer rhymes?


Silence, I covet it so.

In quiet, I feel myself grow

In various ways,

Not always portrayed,

Silence lets my soul know.


Silence sings in my being

A melody I find freeing,

The cares of the day

Soon filter away when

Silence reveals what I’m seeing.


Silence, unfathomable, strange

In a world of cacophony, range

In my bustling brain

Screaming over again

Silence, from life, will estrange.


Silence sought by another

Covers a heart and may smother

A soul with a goal,

A purpose, a whole.

Silence provoked by a lover.


Silence, you are a friend.

In quietude, all hearts may mend

While seeking a reason

For purpose in season.

Silence, explain and so tend.

Heart’s Desire

Missed the postman the other day for the daily prompt on angst and longing!

But just going for it anyway as it was ready. Hate to waste anything.:)

Oops! My bad. Not Daily Prompt but Angst and Longing ( WEEKLY storyboard)  So, I didn’t miss the postman! Knew I’d seen it somewhere.

Well, there are so many. 😉


Heart’s Desire


Lost in contemplation of your mind,

I close my eyes to sleep but then I find

That night time dreams are permeated all by you

Just as conscious state is marked all day thus too.



You’ve woven threads within my very being,

Interlinked and intricate in weaving,

Threaded through the fabric of my core,

Bound, in mind and heart, for evermore.



To snip the thread would cause my soul to bleed,

Wanting you has now become my need,

A blessed, aching, burning thing of fire.

In essence, you are my heart’s desire.