Heart’s Desire

Missed the postman the other day for the daily prompt on angst and longing!

But just going for it anyway as it was ready. Hate to waste anything.:)

Oops! My bad. Not Daily Prompt but Angst and Longing ( WEEKLY storyboard)  So, I didn’t miss the postman! Knew I’d seen it somewhere.

Well, there are so many. 😉


Heart’s Desire


Lost in contemplation of your mind,

I close my eyes to sleep but then I find

That night time dreams are permeated all by you

Just as conscious state is marked all day thus too.



You’ve woven threads within my very being,

Interlinked and intricate in weaving,

Threaded through the fabric of my core,

Bound, in mind and heart, for evermore.



To snip the thread would cause my soul to bleed,

Wanting you has now become my need,

A blessed, aching, burning thing of fire.

In essence, you are my heart’s desire.

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