Silence rings louder than bells,

Peals, so no one can tell

Whether other exists

Or if life has been missed.

Silence may send you to hell.


Silence tinkles at times

With portents played out on chimes

Of varying range.

Will anything change

Silence, if life no longer rhymes?


Silence, I covet it so.

In quiet, I feel myself grow

In various ways,

Not always portrayed,

Silence lets my soul know.


Silence sings in my being

A melody I find freeing,

The cares of the day

Soon filter away when

Silence reveals what I’m seeing.


Silence, unfathomable, strange

In a world of cacophony, range

In my bustling brain

Screaming over again

Silence, from life, will estrange.


Silence sought by another

Covers a heart and may smother

A soul with a goal,

A purpose, a whole.

Silence provoked by a lover.


Silence, you are a friend.

In quietude, all hearts may mend

While seeking a reason

For purpose in season.

Silence, explain and so tend.


16 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. WoW! this is so beautiful and moving! It is also creepy/weird…I just stayed up past 3am to write a poem on Ending the Silence. Connected we are from afar 🙂 Namaste, Oliana xx


      1. You’ll be shattered wummin’ if you’re working after a 3a.m. stint. Although I can’t speak. Same myself. 🙂
        I’m just finished work for the day. Well, at least outside work.x


  2. I really like this….
    your silence echoes in volumes….
    Take Care…


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