Opalescent Promises

Opalescent promises irradiate my skin

Tentative fingertips touch now, to begin

Searching for that sweet caress.

Benediction, one may bless

This union, here no sin.


Poetry in motion, creates the cutest wink,

Sensuality articulated, allows no space to think.

Harmonised in frailty and love so free expressed

United thoughts and movements tease and thus do test

The strength of this, our link.


Video reading  Opalescent Promises

5 thoughts on “Opalescent Promises”

    1. ‘If you want it here it is, come and get it, but you hurry ‘cos it’s going fast…..’

      My brain has melted tonight….and not a drop of wine has passed my lips. I did have one this afternoon but that’s worn off.;)x


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