The Ghost Of Nothing

The ghost of nothing came to me,

Visited my soul,

Asked me questions I could not answer,

Responses trapped inside a hole

Of unknowing.


The ghost of nothing follows close

Chasing all its chances,

Searches me, my fantasies,

All my childish fancies

And hopes.


The ghost of nothing breathes my air,

Quenches all my fire,

Seeks to suck all sanctuary

In effort to conspire

Against will.


The ghost of nothing steals and flees,

Taking all away

Till emptiness and nothingness

Overtake and stay,

For a while.


The ghost of nothing once departed

Leaves a gaping wound

That starts to heal when nothing’s left.

Nothing left but the sound

Of silence.


The ghost of nothing hides away

And watches from way back,

Waiting till well fills once more

And plans renewed attack,

With force.


The ghost of nothing, once full known

Betrays its battle plans,

Self, protects from aching void

And takes a different stance

Of defiance and faith

And optimism.


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7 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Nothing”

    1. Thank you muchly once again,
      this praise is going to my brain,
      I’ve one more post to do this day
      and then I have to go away,
      for school is waiting in the morn
      and weans need teaching
      this the norm
      for teachers have to go to school,
      bloody, gawd-awful, invented rule. :)x


  1. ’tis only natural,
    to obey,
    yer such a good girl

    I’m sort of lucky,
    don’t you see
    the kids come home
    from school to play
    then call on me
    to fix their day
    if hearts were hurt
    from wrongful play. …NIte


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