In Glory They Shine

Undaunted he rides on creature with wings

Head thrown back, from true heart he sings,

Banner aloft, a symbol of power,

Challenging the beast, for this is his hour –

Misery and heartache he brings.



Struggle ensues in stars’ endless night,

Clashes almighty! A furious fight!

Mounts of giant standing keep to their pace,

Enabling each rider to take part in this race –

This marathon for forthcoming light.



Brilliance looks on, each heavenly body,

Shimmering with excitement, for these two embody

The battle that wages out here in this ‘hood,

Death is success for the bad or the good –

Mercy shown for nobody.



Years pass in combat, blood flows from the sky,

Drips to the earth and burns you and I,

Venom from one with viperish tongue,

Hooded and ready he sprung –

To the heart of hero forbye.



Evil was winning and good hung from his steed,

Victim too worthy but ready to bleed,

He looked all around in desperate plea

To stars in the galaxies, that’s you and that’s me,

And they responded, paid heed.



Mustering all mighty strength they maintained,

They breathed forth their power, in good’s name proclaimed,

Light will battle with darkness, it’s true,

One is enough, but many is better than few

So goodness may be blessed and ordained.



It’s true what I tell, it’s the conflict of old,

Centuries written, millennia told,

Where two hearts of one man, divided by cause,

Wreak havoc and vengeance with weapons and claws

And declare to the world they are bold.



But bolder than man with blackest of heart

Is the radiance of heavens that shone from the start

Seeking to illumine where darkness prevails,

Appease understanding with light-infused tales

Of glories one day to impart.



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25 thoughts on “In Glory They Shine”

  1. A powerful and strong fight …I had movies go through my head as I read this Brave Heart, Avatar. If the need in the writer is so strong to pen these words then dramatic it shall be and tis all well for the reader.xx


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