Photo Inspirations

Can’t resist these amazing photos.

I couldn’t work out how to reblog and include poems…, hope this is okay. 🙂

Inspiration speaks.





This dagger, jewelled,

Betrays what fool

Dwells within my heart,

Pierced by pointless passion,

Blood seeps and so I start

To see the lie, the hand that held

Such gilded handle so,

Aimed at trust and honesty,

Life essence leaks, though does not show.




Love’s Token

This gem is my token

Of love so unbroken

By distance and desert so dry,

Claimed from a source

In joy, no remorse,

A token between you and I.




Discovery in nature’s lore,

Plants and seeds and flowers,

Creative combinations heal,

Disdained by higher powers.


A pinch of this, a drop of that,

Mixed with loving care,

Pharmacy from olden days,

An alchemist was there


Using all intelligence

And belief in natural wonder,

Progress paints as foolishness,

Pulls folklore asunder


Till chemical analysis,

Tested in a lab,

Discovers many honest truths,

Declares some potions fab


And so creates, from synthetic means,

Equivalent in components,

Elemental particles,

Not really new proponents.


Dismiss ye not the forest glade,

The jungle and the seer,

Purveyors of all healing powers

Thrive, in giving, without fear.





The Tryst


A tryst here played

For months and days, in

Secret hidden garden

Till lovers recognise the lie.

Two hearts, too quickly, harden.




Lantern Light


This lantern light that floats to earth

Kissing, gently, lake,

Restores belief in magic power,

Innards quicken, quake.


Revealing planetary orb,

Reflecting light above,

Drifting self, amniotic sac,

Bask in glow of love.




A Misty Way


An avenue of sentinels

Guard a mist way,

Only brave and wonder-filled

May pass, where secrets play.


Inviting stroll or fearsome quest,

Truth lies out beyond,

Where, shrouded in a foggy haze,

Souls dance on golden pond.


Too late for some to turn back time,

Reverse the footsteps’ call,

Lost inside another world,

Most beautiful of all.


30 thoughts on “Photo Inspirations”

    1. Glad you have a favourite. I’ve had such fun on this lazy Sunday morning matching words to pictures. Might not do anything else today!
      Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s lovely to know you enjoyed. :)x


      1. You are most welcome, I love music or photographs for inspiration, we can get so entranced … so don’t worry about not doing anything else today..I’m letting you off 🙂 x


  1. If we are playing favorites, then my favorite was “Lantern Light”, but all of the poems were beautiful and the photos as well. What a wonderful collection of poems and pictures. 🙂


    1. That’s my favourite too, if I’m allowed to have one. 🙂
      It was fun to do. Have to look out now for these photo opportunities. The pictures were just screaming ‘words’.
      Thank you, Cubby, as always for your generous praise.x


  2. Your inspiration has captured me in whispers of lingering emotions; thank you for this. I hope this day sends the warmth of the sun and the gentle winds upon your heart ~ Linda


  3. My favorite is a tie between Misty Way and Betrayal 🙂 The moon pic is my favorite out of the pictures alone though, that’s a great picture!


    1. Yes, my favourite pic was the moon one too. They were all very inspiring. Got them in my reader this morning and went for it! Glad you enjoyed them.
      Been tweeting?!x


      1. Bahaha Not really, lazy sunday with the family. I may however decide to make a total fool of myself later 😉

        I’m glad you went for it! All the poems were lovely, the third favorite (or second if I keep the two tied lol) was Tryst. All your poems are always well written and enjoyable 🙂


      2. Well, there should be another one coming up just shortly – before lights out. 🙂

        I even made a comment on a twooter ( I think that’s what I’ll call them ‘cos I’m buggered if I know what’s a tweet/twitter/twit/twoo. Or is that an owl?)
        Any how, rather a good wee article caught my attention – Scottish based columnist castigating another who has a rather big mouth- (Not me, I hasten to add) and I read the article and had to add my congrats. So, first one. My twootering virginity has gone!!!!
        But I’m not turning wanton. Nope, still lurking. :)x


      3. LMAO! Twooter! We need to make a Dictionary of Twitter terms for the Twitter-illits 😉

        We shall have guard against becoming wanton twits, who twoo just anyone in the twitterverse! LOL Twoo, owl or not it’s going in the dictionary! I also feel a horrible twitter poem coming on …

        I keep forgetting about all these time and day differences between bloggers! I haven’t even started dinner here yet!


      4. 22.25 here and a workaday tomorrow. But October break at the end of the week for 9DAYS. Whee!
        I shall twoot and blog and attempt to contribute to a dictionary of words that never existed in my past life and whose meanings still elude. But no longer. We will conquer and prevail. Well, after a reasonable amount of lurkiing time has elapsed.
        Enjoy your dinner. Mine was rubbish. :)x


      5. 5:30 pm here and I’m positive my dinner will be rubbish as well since I’m not in the mood to make any! And yes, we shall conquer, prevail and be twitter-famous (twitmous?) and rule the interwebs bwa-hahaha. After of course we lurk. Lurking is necessary before a take over. For now I’m off to make a meal everyone will complain about 😉 x


      6. Poor you. I opted out. Hubby made and I only wanted a sandwich. And it was rubbish. But my recent bar of chocolate went down a treat with a mug of tea, so I’m not complaining.
        Go eat, ally, for strength must be maintained for the battle that follows all twooters.
        Have some ice cream too. Cools the nerve for what may ensue in the unknown realm of twootdom;)

        I’m just finishing up….although I might have another cuppa. 🙂 x


      7. Can never go wrong with chocolate. Did you dish it up on plates for the rest of the family too? I usually hide like a squirrel with its nuts and enjoy in privacy with a mug of tea. More satisfying than dinner often. Vive le chocolat! When food sucks, suck choccy. :)x


  4. Ah Gee, I cannot decide!! Love them all but you know me and the Tryst is my fav but the most complete with photo is Lantern Light…just perfection in its glow…so perfect!! Namaste


    1. Who started this competition? I’ll have to check back. I’ve got a sneaky feeling I know. 🙂

      I’m delighted you like any of them. The romantic though must favour the tryst, even although they got fed up and …..pissed…off. 😉 *sorry* 🙂 can’t help it.

      Namaste from across the world to you. :):)x


  5. there is no favorite for they all flowed into one another perfectly!
    though Betrayal and Love’s Token seems to stay with me more tonight…
    Thank you this was a wonderful treat to wander through…
    Take Care…


  6. A lovely creation of poems to suit the pictures. is there anything you can’t do with your gift of the word? 🙂 Your not Gandalf’s sister are you? 🙂 Just put a proper Gallery up with a slideshow from my little wander up the coast. Hope it wets your whistle, they are nearly all water shots. Oh, and a whale got in the way of one shot, but only a calf a long way off 🙂


    1. thank you kind sir. No relation to he of the big hat. No hats at all in fact. One thinking cap. But I don’t think that counts.;)
      Just popped over to yours for a look. WOW!
      Inspiration and then some.x


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