Gravity Unbound

Thanks to the amazing photographs of Mark at I had a dream-filled sleep of flying last night. It was great. I just know I would be really good at it. I think God should really have given us wings. Just sayin’. 🙂


Falling from grace, far out on the wing,

Flying with birds, my heart leaps, I sing.

Feeling the wind beneath and above,

Surrounded by air, elemental love.


Breeze through the ether, gasping for air,

Head thrown back, wind in my hair,

Soaring and gliding like angel unaided.

Beauteous pleasure, I’m plundered and raided


With rapturous wonder at glory of flight,

Weightless and wonderful, incredibly light

Within and without, so empty of self

Since feet took first leap from rockiest shelf.


Abandon, surrender, feel to the core,

All thoughts lost in clouds as through them I soar,

Caught in the clasp of gravity unbound

In flying, with love, serenity found.



Such great pics! Such a great flight! Lucky Australian buggers friends! 😉

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