Oceans of Only You

A romantic take on the ocean. Pictures courtesy of Mark at http://healingyourheartfromwithin.wordpress.com/gallery2/


Drowned in you

I breathe the air

Drawn from submersion.

Azure blue and liquid gold


Love, in this immersion.



Undulating balm,

So healing,

Saturates all reason.

Atomic togetherness


Attraction and cohesion.



Drifting in a pool of you,

Eyes closed

Despite the fear,

Emptiness of everything


Enveloped by you near.



Deepest depths drown out

All noise,

Drenched in your mere name.

Warming touch,

Such sweet caress,

Lights eternal flame.



Only you can quench the fire,


My heart, my soul.

Only you,

Like ocean blue,

May make this woman whole.




26 thoughts on “Oceans of Only You”

      1. Actually the bushfire season has just begun. Already had a couple of wild ones around here already. Most of my photo’s have smoke haze on the horizon due to the fires. I’ll see what I can do. As for wind, the cyclone season usually starts around Christmas time so you’ll have to wait…or I could send you money to meet one, out on one of the Pacific Islands somewhere. You could laze around for a couple of months till one shows up 🙂


      2. Gawd, I shouldn’t wish that on anyone. But, ye know, if you’re in the vicinity…..
        A Pacific Island, you say, em….sounds like a plan…but what about the big, buggery waves? Not the deep-filled immersed in love ones. The run-for-your-bloody-life ones? 🙂 A good storm would be something to behold I imagine. Not that I’m wishing that on anyone. But, ye know, if you’re in the …..:-)x


      3. So there is a downside to Aussie life? Phew, I thought you had it all perfect. Well, apart from the politicians, obviously. But that’s a universal phenomenon.

        Only what you can without putting life and limb at risk. Grapes don’t travel well. :)x


      4. You’re unreal! OK I’ll work on some loving flames, I think. Or maybe some hell’s fire and damnation. Oh, the choices.

        Does this mean yer pal’s gonna be hanging about taking pics instead of putting out flames? Oh, ah, I’m tellin’. ;)x


      5. He’s a trainer. He takes them inside a building, starts the movie camera up, sets fire to the building, then gives the students a talk through the fire as it takes hold and burns everything around them. All in a days work apparently 🙂 He is looking into the bush fire bits….so to speak, should have something within a week or so I hope.


      6. Some job. Not the bush fires bit, right enough. Living flame. Yup, I can feel one coming on. Thanks, Mark. I was only joking when I originally said, ‘what about some pics of……?’. But, if you’re willing and he’s able, all to the good. That will be some gallery you’re growing. I’m also thinking aspects of rain. But I should be good for myself with that one in Scotland! Looking forward to the pics. 🙂 x


  1. Beautiful words that entwine perfectly with the photos…
    Wonderful post
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. Mark from down under is sourcing them as we speak. I joked about working my way through the elements and, what do you know? He knows a man who can. Pics of blazes on their way soon, I believe. Never knew there was so much mileage in looking at a picture! :)x


  2. Beautiful, I have grown up on the water and must always live near an ocean, otherwise I feel geographically claustrophobic. Being a swimmer in high school, I got to use my love of being underwater for sport. This poem says so much of my love for the ocean and being under it!


    1. Oh, I envy you living nearby to water. ‘Geographically claustrophobic’. What a great phrase. Might pinch it. 😉 Glad you could relate so well. Makes me feel I’ve done something right if one who loves it so can identify.x


  3. What a stunning poem, i found myself drifting in water and thinking of my husband, it had a calming influence on me and i just really loved this 🙂


    1. I did that last night in the bath. Not the poem The ears under water bit. It’s a great feeling. Cut off from everything with a kind of distant grumble of thunder. Very relaxing and peaceful.
      Glad you liked it. Thanks.x


      1. Its strange actually as i have a fear of deep water, well of drowning but i found the idea of floating in love a very calming a beautiful one 🙂


      2. Think there are a few fears on recent pages here. Heights, flight, depths. We’ve all got them one way or another.
        But, you’re right, equating the ocean with love makes it feel welcoming and safe.x


      3. Although then you have to think that the choice to love can be a risk and so love isnt always safe 🙂 it’s great how much your poems make me think


      4. I would always choose to love I feel. The risk is worth the knowing. Safety can be overrated.

        Shoot, I’ve just seen you looked at Gasping. I should have warned you.
        No hyperventilating. Calm, deep breaths in knee deep water only. Got you. :)x


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