Coming Out Of The Closet Mark lll

So, I joined the ranks of twooters who twoot. For some reason, I find it easier to decline the verb, ‘to twoot’ than ‘to twitter’. Surely, tweeting has nothing to do with twittering? They don’t even have the same root verb. In the interests of my own sanity, I am sticking to ‘twoot’. At least, while talking about it.

My youngest sister talked me through the process of twooting and I felt good to go. A little surreptitious lurking was required, I thought. Say little. Watch and learn.

I know. I couldn’t.                                        

My lurking lasted a relatively short time and one or two twoots just begged for a little twoot back. So I did.

Then last night I got into a twootering conversation with someone my sister follows. Yes, use all resources.

This delightful person is a historian. ( I refuse to use ‘an’ – there is a breathed h there when said. Historian. See? ‘An’ has no business there. Even if it may be deemed correct by some. Or a lot.  An honest answer to flout grammatical inaccuracies.)

Anyway, I digress. As I am wont to do.

This twootee was sharing little tidbits of information on medieval Ireland. Lots of little bits. And, honest to God, each bit was funnier than the last. Did you know that in medieval Ireland if a woman could sew she was a desired commodity? Twooted a twoot on that one.

Did you know that there was an Irish goddess of sorts who had a beard (not on her chin) that reached to her knees? How could I not twoot to that? Really, how could I not?

And so it went on. Every little twoot she gave had me ended. I even resorted to using acronyms I dislike. LMAO and LOL and such. Can’t waste characters when limited to whatever number it is that hasn’t stuck in my head yet.

I just watched as the numbers decreased and I was only half way through a sentence. So, delete, edit, make the most of the few allowed.

This could be good for me, I think. (Obviously, it hasn’t kicked in yet judging by the length of this post. Thought I’d say it first.)

It’s like trying to describe something on a postcard instead of a letter. Trying to keep comments brief. Yes, that may be good for me.

Anyway, by the end of my twooting session with this lovely lady, the tears were running down my legs, so to speak. (Don’t wet yourself. It’s just an expression.)

And, she had lost a few followers!

I mean, come on. Really. ‘Life is raw. Poetry is raw. Always has been. Always will be.’ I think was my rough twoot to this information.

Who is that sensitive to lady’s beards and dog shit? Well rid, I think, if she can’t discuss historical fact. (It does boggle the mind, though. That beard. My gawd!)

So, I figure I owe her a few followers. If you have a mind to press her button, she’ll press a few of yours. Although it might just be my mind that couldn’t resist the innuendoes. Ya think?

‘Tho, btw, feel she’ll gain a few followers with a gsoh.  fyi!


27 thoughts on “Coming Out Of The Closet Mark lll”

  1. I just went and followed her 🙂 I haven’t been on there in days, I really need to get my lurking time in 😉 I’m writing that post with my own twitter terms, I was wondering if you’d mind me adding Twoo/Twoot in? I keep meaning to get hold of you to ask you but it’s been too busy here to write much anyhow. I’d of course link you in the post when it’s up if you’re good with it?


      1. I’m an ace at lurking, I lurked on wordpress for over a year before my first post 😉

        Thank you 🙂 Hopefully it’ll turn out as amusing as I hope.


    1. I like that!

      And bleated,
      Not by twooting,
      You’ll hear

      But writing
      With pleasure.
      Twooting’s ok
      But won’t measure
      Lots of words, I fear.


      1. That’s why I rarely wear it. Gets everywhere when you’re having a good greet or laugh. Panda not my favourite look. I find I go more for owl. Or mole. Depending on the time of day. Wide eyed or screwed up. My eyes. Not me, ffs. Well, a bit me, if I’m being honest. I’m finding most of us are. And they’re the really interesting ones!!
        Who mentioned mascara? What am I gonna do with 140 characters? It won’t last. I just know it. 😉 x


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