End Of The Road

Maybe dreams of flying are not always for the best! Same song, different result.

Precipice ran to meet,

Beckoning this one leap,

Fall into the chasm,

Dream, forever sleep

In arms of love’s surrender,

Crashed against its sides,

Anointed bloody union,

Hearts split open wide.

Crushed at zenith’s falling,

Dashed hopes lie, heavy broken.

Flight of fantasy, marred by truth,

End of the road, was spoken.


12 thoughts on “End Of The Road”

  1. Ah, in dreams, I find that it is the fear of falling that makes me fall when flying. In reality, gravity plays more of a factor. Love the vivid imagery. Excellent poem! 🙂


    1. Gliding through the sky is the hot bit. Coming down to earth may be a different story. Bumps and bruises in all sorts of hot spots! Besides, in the interests of accuracy, have to look at both sides. Seems a number of people are more than slightly worried about the whole idea. I’d still go for it, right enough, bumps and bruises not withstanding. 🙂 x


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