Tomorrows Passing

Your talent and encouragement persuade me to have-a-go. Cubby, at makes it all seem so easy, with clear guidelines and perfect example.


Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Streams of tears overflow today.

Love’s alluring kiss is missing,

Has been amiss for many days.


All hope is gone with silence spent,

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Two hearts asunder, broken, rent,

Cast aside in moments wishing.


Day is lost to hopeless musing

And dreams of pleasured nights, we two

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Alone, in mind, from one so true.


In spirit realm our souls abide,

Honest, forthright, gift of blessing.

Two, united, no longer hide

Haunted by tomorrows passing.


19 thoughts on “Tomorrows Passing”

  1. There are so many forms out there – I am quite bewildered – it is nice to change it up a little and learn new ways to write – you have performed the task at hand very well – thank you x


    1. Many thanks. I don’t know that much about all the varied forms. I usually just ‘go for it’. But there are so many here whose styles and knowledge are worth taking on board.x


      1. Unfortunately if I don’t really set my mind to them though – it all flies out the window and I stick to what I know. So agreed, so many brilliant writers hidden in these little nooks. x


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