Reason For The Season

For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEASONS.

There’s a reason for the season

But I don’t know what it is.

It’s like someone plays

A song inside my heart.


There’s a difference in the air,

Makes my nostrils start to flare,

Scenting changes and

A special vital spark.


It’s alluring in its smell,

I can feel my spirit swell

And take flight among

The birds up in the sky.


There’s a slight nip and a chill

And a stronger breeze around.

It lifts my wings and

Causes me to fly.

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30 thoughts on “Reason For The Season”

  1. In ‘Vegas we don’t have much of a season change. I used to just laugh at the people who would take a season change as a means to suddenly have allergies, which no one who was a native ever had. These people were usually from seasonal areas where allergies were more prevalent. I have an allergy attack maybe two weeks out of the entire year. We don’t get a real change of scenery, which really sucks. I have always wanted to take a driving or train trip to the upper East Coast (Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, etc.) during this time to see the change in the trees. I remember my first Fall in Georgia was amazing. I was driving into Atlanta, listening to U2’s I still haven’t found what I was looking for, and was just literally stopped by the beautiful trees. I had to pull the car over and just let the tears spill. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and one of the most memorable times ever in all my travels of this country.


    1. I think you really appreciate each season when they’re evidenced by change. We certainly have our share of rain much of the year round which is more than a little depressing. But when it has ‘gone on holiday’ and the seasons are revealed, they can be glorious. You describe so weel how emotive it can be to look upon the colours of Autumn. It’s a time I like very much. There is a distinct scent in the air in the same way that I actually smell spring approach before it arrives. Bizarre I know but the air does seem to change and tells you that a new season is dawning. I’m not big on Winter because it’s dark and depressing and wet and miserable! Unless we get snow which we’ve had a lot of the last few years. Bit of a pain for travelling in but great fun to play in and march through. I don’t think I can say I have a favourite except possibly when we get a good Summer. This year was a great one and appreciating the sunshine when we get so little of it becomes an art form. 😉
      I don’t know about allergies but I’ve always noticed that my skin and hair change twice a year! In Spring and Autumn. Don’t really know what that’s about but it usually settles once we’re into the season. I sound like a loon!
      I would miss seasons if, as you say, they didn’t really change. I’m praying for crisp Autumn days and the smell of sulphur that will shortly descend on Guy Fawkes night. Then I know that we’re right in the middle of Autumn.


      1. I was born in Colorado, which actually has great seasonal changes, but moved to Las Vegas in my youth. All I have had in the area of seasons is when I travel. Alaska was kinda’ cool as well. No, really, I mean neat, far out, wait…all my words can be taken two ways when discussing Alaska. Anyway, I went there when Spring was changing into Summer. I remember they kept saying how the day was hot, and I would just laugh. Seventy degrees and they were complaining of a heat wave. I was so like, “Dude! Please. Try 110 and then let’s talk heat wave.” Then it was over before it even started and there was snow fall, and the days started getting darker and shorter. I was out there. I don’t know if my health had been better I might have been able to take it, but as it was, it was too much not having sunshine and the cold. I was also not in a nice house, but one of the worst parts of Anchorage, which was unbeknownst to me until I landed my ass in the airport. It was an adventure, and touring the Southern parts of Alaska brought some wonderful pictures. I could put them up, in fact, I think I will. Just a couple. Georgia was my favorite though. I did go through Kansas on a bus. Saw the sunrise over a horizon of fields of wheat. That was beautiful and will be burned in my memory forever.
        Look for my pics in a few minutes.
        Ok, new one, have to ask what is Guy Fawkes night? Is that like our Halloween? I could look it up, but it is better to ask you as I get a real definition on it instead of Wikipedia.


      2. That all sounds amazing. Aren’t adventures great? Well, when I was young I always thought so. Must be due another one some time soon. 😉
        Sunrise over a field of wheat sounds too romantic for words. And Alaska I wouldn’t mind visiting. I used to love watching ‘Northern Exposure’ when it was on TV. Probably a bit romanticised in ways but enjoyable.
        I’ll check in on your pictures once I’ve given you a British history lesson. 🙂

        At one point in Britain, Queen Elizabeth I ( daughter Henry VIII) ruled England and we in Scotland had Queen Mary, who was born in Scotland to a Scottish father and French mother. She inherited the throne as a babe when her father died.
        She was taken to France to be raised and also to avoid being married off to one of Henry VIII’s sons. Edward. Henry VIII wanted the union to align the two countries. The scots weren’t too happy with that idea and thought she should marry a French prince as the Scots and French had strong ties at that time. She was then married off at a ridiculously young age. I think her husband was even younger right enough, the Dauphin or heir apparent. Think she was 15 and he was 14.
        Anyway, while she was absent and too young to rule, the job was done for her. Her mother had stayed behind to help run the show until she could return and take her rightful place. I should say that she was related to Henry VIII through her grandmother. This gave her some entitlement to the English throne too.

        While living in France, her husband’s father died and Prince Francis became King of France with Mary now Queen of both France and Scotland.

        Her husband took ill and died. So did her mum. She left France to come back to Scotland although dearly wanted to remain in France. It was civilized and comfortable and Scotland….wasn’t. She was Catholic. By this time John Knox had set up shop and Protestantism a la Knox had begun to thrive. He gave her a hard time and tried to persuade her to change her religion. She wouldn’t.
        She married again. A dude called Lord Darnley. Bit of a bum choice by all accounts.
        He turned out to be wildly jealous of her friendship with her secretary, Rizzio. Darnley bumped him off. Mary was scared for herself and the baby she now had, James.
        Darnley then got bumped off too and people suspected Mary and the Earl of Bothwell of the job. Who knows? But she married Bothwell who also turned out to be a fruitloop.
        Because of her poor choices and maybe some other stuff the Scottish bigwigs had turned against her. She ended up imprisoned in a castle. Beats Alcatraz, I suppose.
        She escaped and went to her cousin in England, Queen Elizabeth I, now queen after Henry VIII’s death. Elizabeth wouldn’t entertain her. Sent her instead to the Tower to be imprisoned for 18 years while Mary wrote letters to her pleading for clemency for something she hadn’t done. Elizabeth blanked her, scared in case she wanted her throne. Elizabeth never married and had kids so Mary was next in line. Liz was not happy with this. Mary was eventually beheaded.
        So, her son James became, officially, King James VI of Scotland. When Elizabeth died he then became James I of England. He sounds like a right wee git to me. Did nothing to help his mum and then ignored the pleas of Catholics to be allowed to practise their faith in peace.
        Some folk got a bit pissed off with this and decided to blow up the Houses of Parliament. That would show them. Guy Fawkes was one of them. He was rumbled by someone and arrested then executed. The plot was on the 5th of November.
        ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November
        Gunpowder, treason and plot.
        I see no reason that gunpowder treason
        Should ever be forgot.’
        (That’s not one of mine, btw. 😉 )
        So every year, bonfires are burned on that day and effigies of Guy Fawkes are placed on top. Children make the dummies out of stuffed clothes and beg, ‘A penny for the Guy’. The money allows them to buy fireworks. Not nowadays. You have to be a certain age!
        It gets called Bonfire Night too. But Guy Fawkes night is still very common.
        So, basically, he was deemed to be a traitor for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in an attempt to ‘highlight’ the plight of Catholics.
        Some of my history might be a bit squiffy although I did actually teach this to a class at one point. Memory’s failing, I think. 😉
        I could really just have told you the last two paragraphs instead of the life and times of royalty. Oh well. Done now. You will be quizzed on this at a later date. So study well, m’dear. x


      3. Well I think I should do okay on your test. Question though. I thought Mary was imprisoned in a castle in Scotland by Elizabeth, not the tower. I knew all the history to the point of James taking the throne in England. I have studied quite extensively the history of France pre-revolution and English Tudor history, especially Henry VIII and to Queen Elizabeth I.
        Looks like your memory is doing pretty good. Shall I send some pennies for Guy? Love all this interaction between cultures. Too cool.
        Alaska is best in the summer. Northern Exposure was actually supposed to be around the North Pole (which isn’t actually anywhere near where people think it is, it isn’t a pole at all) and Fairbanks. The life is totally different from Anchorage, Southern Alaskans, and Northern Alaskan’s. Or so I am told. I guess the people in Barrow are in a class to themselves as well. All I know is you won’t catch me near Barrow as they have almost a whole month of pure night, and vampires come. Well…they did in a movie I saw so it must be true.
        I traveled cross country in a ‘laury’ or what Trey drives, and on a Greyhound bus. On the bus I sat with a kid from Germany, and I was just past young adulthood at that time, not old like now, so we got on very well. He shared music with me, and we talked as well as possible as he didn’t know English, and sure the hell don’t know German. On the truck, the driver and I knew each other, and he was a pisser, jerk, you get my drift. The trip could have been so much better, but I ended having so much stress and was sleeping 1 hour in 24, so I started having Lupus flares real bad. Ended passing out on the way into a truck stop, falling in front of a truck, taking a huge chunk of flesh (and all the stuff that goes under the flesh before the bone). The driver of the truck said he got the gut feeling he needed to check on his other petrol tank on the right side of his truck, although he knew he closed it. If he wouldn’t have checked, he would have rolled over my head and probably not even have felt it. He helped me in the store, and the guy I was with got pissed ’cause I was making a scene. Then he got upset that I wanted a soda, and other truckers took up my plight at this point, and he relented and just gave me money and walked out. I was friggin’ bleeding all over the place. A clerk helped me bandage my foot, and the drivers kept asking if I needed to get away from this guy. I guess I could have but I knew this guy was just a jerk, he wasn’t going to hurt me. Trust me on this, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, he was scared of me. He was basically a 8 year old bully in a man’s body. So, it wasn’t a problem to slam him down. I met some nice people, talked to waitresses, some who would just laugh at the guy I was with when he would flirt with them. As soon as he would walk away, we would share a laugh. I had the Wizard with me, and I was working on my Master’s and studying the Alien movies. I also learned that Nebraska there is no Internet and all the cute truckers are there. Trust me on this.
        Anyway, I just haven’t visited the northeast at all, flew over it on my way to Ontario, but didn’t stop. Went to Niagara Falls, so I guess that is in New York State.
        Loved Alaska and would one day like to go back when I can hike and live on my own. And…if this country can hold it together without FEMA camps and all the other shit.


      4. Had to check the tower deal. You’re right. I knew she was imprisoned at Lochleven. Info seems to say various castles and manor houses in England and Scotland. You know better than me. 🙂
        When you read the history you start thinking we all seem quite normal by comparison. 😉
        You sound as if you had one helluva time on your travels.
        One for you. What are FEMA camps?
        I know what they are. But I don’t know what they are, if you know what I mean. Are they for real?x


      5. FEMA camps are basically what we are led to believe are basically camps or prisons, as some would like to say, where citizens will eventually be put when the government starts taking over. Some of them are in the same place as the Internment Camps from WWII, where the U.S. put Japanese citizens. Some are brand spanking new. I have heard that they are geared up to hold tons of people, in military style (cots, barracks, latrines, soup kitchen). The people would not be able to go to their normal jobs or go out of the camps. There is some consideration of gas or chemicals being used on the populace in these camps; the camps holding severe dilatants, like political leaders, radio personalities, controversial persons; then later those who follow these people really close. In other words, Snowden told us, they are already tapping into what we do on FB, what we blog about, and those who blog about politics a lot, and quote specific leaders, would be part of the second group. People who won’t turn over their guns, who, for whatever reason, can’t just be shot right there and then, will be put there as well. Educated people, especially those who are highly educated in Social Systems (like me). The camps are allegedly all over the place, but my closest one, the one which I would supposedly have to go to is in Burbank, California. I can tell you right now, if I can’t friggin’ do grocery once a month, I definitely can’t do the travel to Burbank, plane, train, or automobile. So, just shot me so I can go on. Other than what Shaun has shared, I have nothing new, as all of us here are asking the same thing. When we do a search we get a lot of speculation, some from better sources than others, but there is no clear definition of the purpose of these camps.
        That was a lot of words to basically say, “I have no frickin’ clue.”


      6. Rene. Look at my other post now on Rebirth of Democracy, Read the comments, not the post. What the hell is going on? This sounds like Armageddon prep.
        Something is stinking.


      7. Ok, let me take out the Wizard. I can’t understand how he is a Wizard and I still have to pick up his shit. But I digress.
        Have you read Trey today? So silly. I had to reign him in a bit.


      8. Surely your husband can do that for himself? I would protest if I were you. Or is Wizard a dog? Never quite sure about the pet names people give their spouses. And no, I’m not telling. 🙂 x


      9. Wizard is the Bichon. I never did have pet names for either of my spouses. Maybe that was what went wrong. They had them for me, in fact most of the men in my life had pet names for me, cute kind. I am just not like that I guess, probably too serious. But then again, I have a crush on Trey’s RuRu, so I can’t be all that serious.


  2. Ok where are the bloody photos? I’ve written you an essay on aspects of Scottish/English/French history with a bit of Guy Fawkes thrown in for good measure and I wanted photos. So where are they, missus? 🙂 x


  3. Ok, was this meant for me? I have no idea where you left the pictures. I haven’t been to your place since the last party. I was pretty wasted then on Cosmopolitans, so I am not the one to ask.


    1. I’ve lost the plot Rene. I don’t know any more. It’s 4.40a.m. here and I haven’t slept yet. Instead, I’m pissing myself laughing at Trey’s posts. Armageddon can wait. I needed a laugh.
      Pictures. What pictures. Day? What day? Who? Me?


      1. Go to bed. I have Trey under control. He has been warned by the Council. I think he is going for a brain scan soon. I am not sure who will pay for it.
        We will talk tomorrow. I am reading your other post now. Love the poem so far. Reading the comments.


      2. Yes, I am reading the one about the TPP right now. I have heard of this. Also, our post men are asking for a raise in the stamp price, because everyone is doing so much more on the Internet. We know there has been much work done on trying to harness the Internet and make us pay for emails, and all access, not just our provided. But our price for mail keeps going up, service gets worse, and then they want to raise it each year. So, I have heard of this insidious way to try and get control of the Internet. I have no doubt they may just succeed in my lifetime, and that is saying a lot since, well…you know my age.
        Go to bed now. The world will be here when you get up…I hope. Trey will still be in charge…WordPressia will be here.
        Sleep now.


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