Another Day In Paradise

Still laughing.

Bitter Humble Pie

Great day

I woke up this morning and there was a Daisy growing out of my butt.

I lay there on my belly and looked over my shoulder at my derriere and seen the flower gently swaying with each breath I took.

I turned my head and put my face back into my pillow thinking “Hmmm, that’s new…It’s usually a rainbow on Fridays”

You know, sometimes this whole thing about me being TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME can be a pain in the ass. No pun intended.

Just once…I’d like to wake up like normal peasants and just be…I don’t know…like one of you perhaps?

Oh well…it’ll never happen. It’s a cross that I must bear. (I stole that from Jesus…don’t worry, he gets his royalties)

I didn’t ask to be this awesome. I was born like this. I didn’t pray that I’d be awesome. I didn’t walk over to God in heaven and…

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