Status Quo

So, Status Quo, eh? I banged my head to them some in my youth. ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’.

And here I am now, talkin’ all over the world. Funny, eh?

Tell you what’s funnier. I didn’t know that they were prophets of their time. Did you?

Let me enlighten. Being the ripe old age of 52 I sometimes can’t remember my arse from my elbow. I couldn’t think of another of their songs. So, what do you know? Googled them. Up they came. Just like that. Brilliant. So much useless information out there to access.

And also a lot of nuggets. Gems, you might say. Like, did you know that there are plans afoot to restrict free access to the internet? Did you? Did you really? I didn’t. My bad. And did you know what TPP was? No? Me neither. Freedom of speech anyone? Surveillance of everything you write and say by electronic means including your emails and texts? Bulk data collection. For what exactly? Global corporations controlling government to protect their financial practices? What’s new?

The text of the agreement is not being open for public perusal because there would apparently be uproar and this would prevent the agreement going through!!

Congress has only seen part of it!!!

And they’re not allowed to discuss it openly!!!!!!!!!!


600 corporations are advising on it. But not the people. No, that would be too……what’s the word….democratic.

Trade agreements aside. The information should be available to be perused by the people. If it has to be kept secret something stinks. If government trades away democratic sovereignty to multi-national corporations in the name of profit and power we will all be sorry. What happens across the ocean today affects us all tomorrow.

Below is a video from ‘freeradiorevolution’ explaining more about it. It is almost an hour long. I listened in awe to all of it. But, if you don’t have that sort of time to spare, 5 minutes wouldn’t hurt. The dj’s commentary alone is worth listening to. Warning! He’s a Canadian that uses the F word a fair few times. But totally legitimately. So was I.

So why do I think Status Quo were prophets of their time?

Well let’s look at some of their song titles.

Creepin’ Up On You.

Face Without A Soul

Mr. Mind Detector

Roll Over Lay Down

I’m Watching Over You

Kick Me When I’m Down

Tongue Tied

Pictures Of Matchstick Men

So Ends Another Life

Down, Down (Deeper and Down)

Paradise Flat

Getting the drift here?

Fortunately, they also released:-

All Stand Up

Need Your Love

A Reason For Living

Break The Rules

Let’s Ride

Let Me Fly

Wild Side Of Life

Don’t Bring Me Down

I Fought The Law

Reality Cheque

The Party Ain’t Over Yet

The Winner

So, Status Quo. Prophets. Who knew? I mean they were pretty good but biblical qualities I never credited them with.

To maintain the status quo of power and control is it possible that some power mongers have been listening to the first playlist in the belief that we’d all roll over, lay down while they crept up on us? These faces without souls whose agendas would leave us tongue-tied while they watch over us? Yeah, there’s more I could play on here. But, this isn’t a game. And I’m not in the mood to play theirs.

What perhaps they should remember is that second playlist. Because most people value their right to free speech and privacy and choice. Most people fight for what they value and find the means and the will to do so.

Have a look at that second play list again. You fill in the blanks. I’m depressed just thinking about what passes for leadership and guidance in our world. And it does seem to be the world over. All nations seem to be playing silly buggers with liberty and it’s an affront to every person in history who has ever spoken out for human rights.

I posted this yesterday  Rebirth Of Democracy The comments section makes a better read than my poem.

USA and Britain can now, apparently, crack the codes that keep our lives private. I know there are reasons for some of it. National security being one. Child protection another. But, why is it that the baby always seems to get sacrificed with the bath water.

That lovely, mushy text you sent your girlfriend, that awful picture you just should not have passed on, that email where you attached a perky photo for your husband/wife/other. Titillating the voyeuristic tendencies of law makers and their minions was never put to me as an option in any poll or vote I cast. These things are already here for us. What comes next if TPP goes through is anyone’s guess. ‘Cos we don’t know what’s in it! Except from little leaks. Little leaks that flow and flow and become rivers.

Here’s a little address for you Stop Watching Us  One minute to sign the petition, if you’re inclined.

And another.

Open Media – Censorship

Me? I’m up to here with it for today. Off to write a few love poems, maybe even a wee erotic one. Just to remind myself that love and passion still exist. A glass of red should go down nicely. I may even do a spot of head banging. Up against a wall probably. No music required.

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      1. You are welcome. I’ve been spreading news about the blizzard that hit South Dakota about a week ago… Lost thousands of cattle. Plus now I’m hunting for that song… I fought the law… Haven’t heard that in a while. (yeah I’m much younger but my father listened to it) 🙂


      2. Lol. I feel ancient now. 🙂 They were good in their day. Old rockers now. Bit like myself.
        Thanks again. It feels way too important to not do something, you know?x


  1. I will go watch my grandkids football game…
    I am past up to here …
    You write love poems, and have a wonderful rest of the weekend…
    Take Care…


  2. In 1996 I was building one of the first websites in a town near me for a company. I said to the CEO at the time, do not put anything on the website or send in an email you dont want any government department to view. I also said that this internet is the spawn of the devil and it is all going to end in tears when it goes wrong. People still think that their goverment would not do such a thing and its is all the talk of bored unemployed activists. The goverment has been spying on its citizens since the 1930’s intercepting mail, telephone conversations, following and spying on people who talk a little louder then their neighbour. My uncle was a deep sea fisherman and once or twice a year they would get ‘the man from the ministry’ come on their trawler with equipment to listen and photograph Russian spy trawlers. I have some ver good American friends and we lived in the country and they moved in next door Robert did his job, thats all we knew same with his wife, she wasnt sure either. It wasnt until we had spent months of strange going on’s ending up with one night Debbie went to get Bob from the base, we were the only two houses down a private road, nearest neighbours about 1/2 mile away, so no one except us should be near us, but she returned after a few minutes to say yhat there are lights in the field, she left again for the base 10 miles away, I phoned the poluce, two officers came out, could see anyone or thing, they were still talking to us when Debbie and Bob came home, the police told them the same thing.
    Debbies kids came in our house, I put the kettle on, its about 10.20pm, nect thing Debbie comes into our home screaming, while the police was taking to us, someone or persons got in to Debbies house and trashed the kids bedroom, the only way to get into the house was passed us, Bob was still in the house I go round while my wife phones the police and this is no word of a lie, within no more then 10 minutes we had two police vans both full of police, one unit was armed, three police cars and they swarmed all over the police. the nearest armed unit was in Dundee 40 miles away. We were told nothing, they stayed all night. The next day our friends were ordered by the US to move to base housing. The day they moved my house phone stopped working, so the engineer xame out climbef te pole bear my hoyse and told me someone had been messing with the wires.

    A couple of days later, we went out to the base for a game of bowls, sometjing to eat wih the invite of our friends as that was the only way to get on the base, that night and two other nights we were followed by the same black car which was sitting in the dark, hidden in the trees. The base was in the middle of farm land, each time we were folliwed I led them into the town and parked outside the police station, the slowed past us, I repirted this to the base and the next night nothing, I have no idea who they were Bob didnt know but someone did. Since then which was 1995 nothing else happened, the bas closed in 97 and everyone went back to the states, not the base is a rotting corpes of the cold war which its secrets died with the base. What a great film it would make lol


    1. Fact is stranger than fiction. Nobody would believe it. 😉
      All this stuff that’s going on just now is unbelievable. Then it’s not. And you think wtf!
      I am sticking to love and all its splendour for the rest of the evening. The rest has left a bad taste in my mouth. So, I’m having a wee glass of red …or two…to eliminate it. Medicinal, you know? ;)x


  3. How about George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother? People used to scoff at that book. Even when we read that and Animal Farm in High School, it was considered fiction. I heard from one of my teenage friends they can’t even find either of those books at the school library now. Really, even if one just watches the movie that Gary Oldman was in (1984), or Solient Green, it is more real and more likely now. People should really resurrect their old copies of these books and movies and watch them again. Snowden told it like it is, basically the Big Brother has been going on for most of my life.


    1. I’ve still got my copy of 1984. Never give good books away. Room 101 in that scared the bejaysus out of me. Been terrified of rats since I first read James Herbert’s book and then 1984 finished me off. Big Brother alive and well. Doesn’t need to come to a cinema near you. ;)x


      1. Yeah, but when you say that out loud, people suddenly go, “conspiracy theorist”. They still don’t get it. It is so frustrating sometimes. You just want to bitch slap them until you knock the stupid out.
        Also, some people have lived these lives where they have had blinders on. They go shopping and don’t see the mother who walks away from her toddler in the cart, and has her back to the child for a matter of minutes. Long enough for a kidnapper to slip that child out of the cart and be gone with them. I have watched shit like this, and just been awed at the stupidity. Then they go crying and playing the victim when their child is gone. I have just people watched for so long, and seen so many stupid ass mistakes and behaviors, it is amazing the crime rate isn’t higher than it is. I have sat at petrol stations late at night, watched women who get out wearing 3 or 4 inch heels, watched a kid or a guy approach them for money, and they go over to their vehicle, turn their back on them, and shuffle around in their purse. The beggar could just push them gently as they would fall right over with those stupid heels on, and grab their purse and run. Seen women just open their purses for a beggar, showing a ton of money. Watched my friends and others open the door of the house wide when they have not even checked the peep hole or asked who was there. We just give people way too much power over us, and they cry victim when things go awry.
        As far as Room 101 goes: I think of roaches, as they are my worst fear. In a room, dark, hearing them and feeling them…yeah, mess me up for the rest of my life. You would have my total acceptance of power. You know, it wasn’t Gary Oldman, it was John Hurt. I knew I was wrong when I typed it, but I just couldn’t think of the right person.


      2. OH Rene, *snort* I’m buckled here….’bitch slap them till you knock the stupid out of them’….*snort*. LMAO
        Who says I’m a conspiracy theorist? Who says? Anyone I know? Are they following me? Quick, run. The bastards are after us. Na, na, na , na…got away. That was a close call. Oh no, wait, that’s paranoia, isn’t it. OK, run again……

        Gary Oldman? I thought he sang with some punk group years ago. No wait, that was Gary Newman. I think. 🙂 John Hurt was fab in it. Not exactly sexy fab. He’s no Hugh Jackman. He would have booted their arses. Bitten the heads off the rats. Spat them in their totalitarian faces……then bitch slapped them. 🙂

        Do not give me power, I must go into the west and retire….definitely a bit earlier than 5a.m. that’s for sure.x


      3. Just remember just because people call us paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out to get us. I know, double negative, but I don’t remember the quote exactly.
        Actually, Gary Oldman played Sid, of the Sid and Nancy fame, so in theory he actually was a punker for a while.
        There was a great tribute to Hugh Jackman for his b-day. I will post it here, it is a video. But he is hot and funny, and well…friggin’ cute.
        Yeah, I am not going to keep you up that late tonight. Promise *fingers crossed behind my back*


      4. I can’t remember what it’s from myself. I could look it up but….I know what you mean. So, are you putting Hugh on then? Or are you waiting to give me him at Christmas?;)


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