Heaven’s Sweetest Gift

My heart it is an open book.

Come in, sit down, please, take a look.

Many chambers has it there,

Colonized by those for whom I care.


Mother, father, sisters, brothers,

That’s where it had its start.

As I grew, quite gradually,

More filled this growing heart.


Like honeycombs the chambers teem,

Husband, children, all who mean

The world to me, this growing love,

Sourced from up above.


For all I’ve loved and lost through life,

In role as mother, daughter, wife

And friend, of course, let’s not forget,

All tenderness for those when met


Gathered in one place you’ll find

Those dear to me, I keep in mind.

And sweetness all I do amass,

Then contemplate in looking glass.


When heart is full, this golden rule,

Important one, you’ll see.

In giving all to others,

Is chamber left for me?


I stop then. Search and look beyond

Those inside. For though I’m fond

Of each and every one therein,

Not loving self is greatest sin.


A mirror’d image in their eyes,

I see their love for me, their sighs,

That all my love’s capacity

Should count as love for me.


Scan and focus inwards so

Some loving self may start to grow.

For those that love you do not lie,

Reflected in each winsome eye.


I turn again from thoughts like those,

Recollect that love it grows

In hive of heart where honey lives

And sweetness tastes so good to give.


This I know, my little chamber,

Built for only me, remember

Is when I keep good company

In loving all and loving me.


There’s nothing special about my heart,

No more than others here.

It fills and swells, develops

With the passing of each year.


And though some others may decry

When love you offer. By and by

You’ll learn that nothing bad will grow

From any love that you may show.


So look above, unending source,

Absorb, believe and then, of course,

Fill each little chamber full,

But don’t forget the golden rule.


Love is not a passing phase,

It fills your heart and all your days.

Its measure is a boundless gift

And spirit so will lift.


Resist it not when comes its call

For greatest gift to one and all

Is love when offered, received and given.

This, sweet gift from heaven.

11 thoughts on “Heaven’s Sweetest Gift”

  1. What a wonderful poem! I’m particularly fond of the lines “You’ll learn that nothing bad will grow / From any love that you may show.” This really invites people to be more open with one another instead of hiding themselves from the world.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I think things done in love can rarely, if ever, have truly bad consequences. It is a gift. And a pity to reject it from any quarter. So, yup, let’s spread the love.x


      1. technology at its finest or maybe my challenged fingers on technology…
        I wrote much more…and it has poofed….
        I think it is time for this day to end …
        your words flowed through so many chambers…know they were felt…as well as read


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