Sheltered in secret,

Quiet nook,


Peeps to look

At what lies

Way out there.


Monsters in their

Magic dens,

Fairies fluttering

And then,


Fill the air.


Peep some more,

To better view,

Believe in things

Only partially true.




Now standing in

Fairy forest ring,

I know, feel all

And heart does sing

At glories

All around.


Come, take my hand, I’ll guide you there,

Flying rug of woven gold,

Close your eyes and hold on tight,

Fantasies unfold

In darkened,

Blessed night.


When moon departs, to bow to sun

And endless sleep is through,

Fragmented figments will abide,

Subconscious mind to view

In early

Morning light.


8 thoughts on “Imagination”

      1. Magic always wins with me, too. I think you have to be an eternal optimist to think politics or politicians will ever change. Ever notice how many “i”s there are in politicians?


  1. I could hear the Night Music as i read…
    I needed this…Thank you very much


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