Missing You

Missing you

In desert lands

Bereft of growth.


Barren waste

And emptiness.

This most.


Missing you.

A great divide



Actions, words


To mean.


Missing you.

Starless sky




Moon disappeared,

Unlit orb.

It fell.


Missing you

In dreamless days

But sleep


In dreams

Of love,

Fantasies may weep.


Missing you.






Gently waits.


Missing you,

Just missing

All you are


Empty sky


Only one star


Falling into


It finds me here.

Missing you.

All love lost,

I fear.

39 thoughts on “Missing You”

  1. Beautiful. Felt that one. Full moon down under this Saturday, I can feel a sitting under the stars and watch that lovely moon go sailing by coming on. Now I wonder what Sandra Bullock is doing? 🙂


      1. Thanks, I needed that lovely humour of yours to right the boat. I spoke with the one. Spirit has asked me to let go now, as she needs to as well. Apparently Hugh Jackman is going to introduce me to someone else 🙂

        If I let the fear control my heart,
        Of a love gone missing I’ll miss my start,
        Thinking of the past distracts the mind,
        Allow more fears I’ll fall behind,
        So let this go not the love that was known,
        Realise the gift the wisdom shown,
        Be proud of the journey the smiles within,
        Because of that love you can now begin.


  2. Yes, it flows out occasionally when the heart gets a nudge. When I’m madly in love you can’t shut me up. Old school romantic, you know poems, flowers etc. Well I am a cancer with a cancer rising. Double whammy so to speak! 🙂 And well said my wise friend. Thank you 🙂


      1. Oh, all right! I hear you oh wise one. Out there it is…amongst all that, there must be a diamond or two 🙂 (Now I just have to stop comparing them to the ‘Star of Africa’ (The Cullinan Diamond, biggest, most beautiful in the world). Ok, don’t hit me, I’ll stop the comparison thing. I do know better 🙂 ). All souls are a perfect beauty in their own right 🙂


      2. Nearly wet myself again. So your saying frogs are out? Bugger, now what do I do with these warts on my lips? 🙂 They all kept saying ‘ I’m a princess, I’m a princess!’. Right, the next one I want to see I.D. 🙂


      1. He’s from Australia, Oliana. Might have to say that in English. You know, down under, outback there. Don’t know if they do French. 😉 But you can always hope! :)x


      2. You’ve been pulling another all nighter then. What are we like?
        Does that mean you’re on holiday if it’s Thanksgiving? I know it’s Sunday. But do you get an extra wee day off or anything?x


      3. I switched shifts to get Sunday off and will work next Saturday.but since I don`t have a life…lol (single I mean) I can work until 10pm. and the night is still young if I feel like going out after.nite.


    1. You could always visit Canada. 😉 There are some lovely people there. Just sayin’. :)x
      Did you meet Oliana yet?
      She speaks French. No frogs around here. 🙂


  3. Hi Oliana, now watch this lady, she’s trying to match me with frogs, or was that frog’s disguised as frog’s or frog’s disguised as princess’s disguised as frogs. If you don’t watch out she may have her eye on a toad or two for you. Who knows what they are underneath 🙂


    1. Would you two like to be left alone? I can come back later. I’ve got another post to put up. Ok, I’ll give you 5 minutes. Feet on the floor at all times, if you please. This is a no sex site here. Except for me! :)x


  4. Control yourself. I’m actually about to get very distracted. Big storm just hit and I think half the house just went south for the summer. I can hear garbage bins and things going awol outside everywhere. Catch you guys later, nice to have met you Oliana. I’ll leave you to calm the princess 🙂


      1. All normal for here, we get these all the time, it just caught me off guard with the wind being a bit strong. These you can handle, it’s the bush fires that cause the problems. We’ve had two here in the last couple of weeks and down south had a couple of bad ones today with the heat. Been barely any rain for most of the year and it is very dry so any fire takes off with any wind around. I’ll find a couple of shots and put them up tomorrow on the gallery so you can see. Right, better go find what blew away.


    1. Thanks. Think my brain is frazzled. I’ve gone from politics to love to dragons and round in circles.
      I blame the politics. I always do. 😉
      Steering clear for a while, I think. Really, thought my brain was going to explode!
      That might explain the content of some of the last couple of day’s poems.
      Need lots of romance and love distraction. Works for me. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed it.x


  5. Gosh me too! I found this on your related posts! The title got me! 😛 I think you are either inside my head or my heart! I thought I was doing so well! Wow! Much healing has taken place when I read this I can see it and feel it but OMG sometimes it smarts again! Wow this is good! So good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d forgotten all about this, MichelleMarie. I rarely go back and look at what I’ve posted or I’d maybe delete! Strange reading things over again and wondering just exactly I was thinking at the time. I have a vague notion but it seems different to me now. I guess that’s poetry for you – saying something different to everyone at different times. I’m pleased you found it and enjoyed it. Thank you so much. 🙂


      1. I love that! I have a friend who loves all my old stuff and Art! When I saw that title I had to read it and like you said writing is timeless and totally relative to where your reader is in the stage of life! I’m in the letting go stage! Don’t delete! I learned that long ago that some might need to read your words right at the perfect moment like me in this moment! I love moments and confirmations when we seek relief ! Beautifully friend like you!

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      2. Strangely, I do peruse others’ previous posts but not my own, especially if I find their work resonates with me. Some bloggers must think I’m a stalker! 🙂
        I’ve thought once or twice to go into my own stuff just to tidy things up a bit but I never have the time. Or the inclination? It’s done and dusted once it’s out there, I figure. As long as I’m never held to account for some of the things I have said in them! 😀
        Thank you once again, MM, for your lovely words and reading.x


      3. Girl me either! I barely have time to answer comments! My life has been turned up side down with my girl’s engagement and also moving out and then back in again. My heart feels like a revolving door! 😀 I have found much peace in reading your blog.
        I sometimes feel like a stalker too but then it’s fun to see how folks heal and evolve. Have a beautiful day! Blessings on your day! 😀 🙂


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